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603 Alliance Members Endorse Cruz!

Senator Ted Cruz Victorious at Grassroots Caucus

603 Alliance Endorses Senator Cruz

Hard work wins the day
Hard work wins the day
The overwhelming winner of the 603 Alliance Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus for Republican Candidates on October 17 was U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Dr. Ben Carson came in second place, and Carly Fiorina came in third.

The members of the 603 Alliance, who pledged that they would support and campaign for whomever was the victor in the Grassroots Caucus, have officially endorsed Senator Cruz, unanimously.

Over 700 grassroots activists turned out for this first-ever New Hampshire Caucus that was organized by the 603 Alliance. This Caucus was designed to give grassroots activists a chance to make their voices heard; and they did so quite clearly at the Durgin Arena at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds. (See the complete Press Release here)

In addition, the 603 Alliance published a newsletter detailing how the caucus unfolded, and a thankyou note to attendees, containing many photographs. One of the out of state marshals, Jim Morose of Danvers, took video of the event for Danvers Community Access TV, and sent us the link. Thankyou Jim.

Finally, Pete, DaTechGuy, was present and got a great “exit interview” with Senator Cruz after his victory:

Pete also made some important comments in the accompanying blog post, and subsequently highlighted a point that many overlooked:

First Pete noted
“As Mark Steyn has said the future belongs to those who show up, if you can’t get voters to show up for you to a no cost event out of an entire state when you’ve had six months to get ready, that’s bad.”
During the interview, Cruz told Pete:
“I’ll give you one quick indication. We have people all over the country who gone to tedcruz.org and in particular have signed up to a program we call “sustainers” – we’ve about 6000 sustainers in the country who have signed up to contribute every month on a reoccurring credit card donation.

“Here’s the amazing thing on that. Our sustainers are [providing] all of the funds for our grass roots team in NH, in Iowa, in South Carolina in Nevada and in 20 March primary states. Our entire ground staff, our rent, our staff our grass roots is funded automatically from 6000 sustainers giving every month from the grass roots. That’s the potency of it, it is enormous” “

The REAL Tortoise and Hare (hair) story out there is that slow and steady is paying off – Cruz is slowly gaining on the pack, and appears well positioned for a very good primary season!

Jim Morose’s video: