Oh, The Incongruity, The Ignorance
NARAL, PPFA, And #BlackLivesMatter

In a series of tweets yesterday, NARAL managed to conflate support for Planned Parenthood with #BlackLivesMatter, in total ignorance of the original aims of that murderous organization. Here are the words and images they used (actual Tweets after the jump):
Yes, NARAL actually said….

The Republican fight to block funding to Planned Parenthood is a fight with black lives at stake
Black Women’s Fight for Motherhood – CNN.com
Battles over abortion and funds for women’s health echo a history in America linking, poverty, abortion and government attempts to undermine black families.

And why, exactly, did Margaret Sanger found Planned Parenthood, which kills more black lives than any all other leading causes of death COMBINED??

H/T Twitchy.com