What’s the similarity between Melissa Gilbert (“Little House on the Prairie”) and Jennifer Horn?

  • Both have nicknames (one is “Half Pint”, won’t mention the other one)
  • Both are politicians
  • Both hate true conservatives

And lastly, Gilbert joined Horn by running when owing the IRS 6 figure amounts:

Actress Melissa Gilbert, the “Little House on the Prairie” star who this week announced her candidacy for a Michigan congressional seat next year, expects to pay off more than $470,000 in federal and state tax liens by 2024, her campaign told the Free Press on Tuesday.

While the campaign declined to discuss in more detail the circumstances behind the tax liens filed by the IRS and the state of California against her, it provided some specifics about the total amount she owes and her schedule for paying it off.

“Melissa was caught in a perfect storm of financial difficulty, which is why she initiated an honest conversation with the IRS,” the campaign reiterated in a statement. “Together they set up a payment plan that will allow her to pay back her federal taxes over approximately 8 1/2 years and her California taxes over approximately 46 months.”

If it were me, I would have cleared everything up BEFORE deciding to run for any kind of office – it’s much easier that way and takes away a whole lot of questions.  But hey, what do I know – I’m not a politician (anymore).

She’ll be running as a Democrat.  That’s why she hates conservatives…..