Welcome To Moonbat U.

by Ed Naile

Welcome to the University of New Hampshire – Please do as we say or you will be set upon by the warriors of political correctness.

Here is how we describe our plan for how you will behave after brain washing posing as an education:

Statement of Diversity
Diversity is a community value at the University of New Hampshire .

We are committed to supporting and sustaining an educational community that is inclusive, diverse and equitable. The values of diversity, inclusion and equity are inextricably linked to our mission of teaching and research excellence, and we embrace these values as being critical to development, learning, and success. We expect nothing less than an accessible, multicultural community in which civility and respect are fostered, and discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

We will ensure that under-represented groups and those who experience systemic inequity will have equal opportunities and feel welcome on our campus. We accept the responsibility of teaching and learning in a diverse democracy where social justice serves as a bridge between a quality liberal education and civic engagement.

Things to know about the new structure you shall live by while your parents are paying to have you turned into a left wing robot:

1. Students shall blindly follow the vague values of diversity and the radicals who have taken over UNH expect nothing less. (Get it conservatives and Christians?)

2. Extreme minority groups will dominate very aspect of your life with a Byzantine list of rules designed to strip away “White Privilege”.

3. This will all be done in an effort to promote “social justice” which is a code for socialism. This shall be the main focus of your every day here until we can openly say we train socialists.

4. There will be a defined set of words you can not use as well as list of words you can use which have vague meanings designed to fit any political goal you want them to promote.

5. The word Domicile means Residence only in NH so UNH students can leverage their votes to be worth more than any NH citizen = social justice.

There you have it. You are welcome in advance for the 4.0 grade average you will achieve for following these simple directions and not you common sense.


Now go work for Hillary.

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  • Bryan W

    Time to cut their funding. Maybe that will wake them up.

  • kervick

    UNH can be a laboratory for reform.

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