Gay Militants threat of Lawfare – a church will no longer do weddings

by Skip

south-korean-church-CROSSESA long time friend of mine from the Midwest emailed me (emphasis mine):

Skip – I was at church council last night.  We have discussions underway to consider not doing weddings at all.  We will focus on the Gospel, sacrament (baptism & communion), liturgy, and outreach (community dinners, food pantry, and clothing for the homeless).

That’s sad, really sad.  I am really sorry.  Reason, sir?

Just don’t want to deal with the legal threats.

I posted about this earlier – it is the next step among many more, I am afraid. They are winning when this happens – the Protesters Vote and threat of destruction. War is not just the physical – we are seeing a war, waged in our courtrooms, of fiscal and conscious destruction.

We often hear or see these mega-churches with revenues in the millions.  The actual truth is that many churches may only have 100 or so members and many are much smaller (especially in rural areas). Which means that just 1 lawsuit will cause a entire church to be taken off the chessboard.  And in many cases, members also take on the financial obligations that might be incurred – which might bankrupt them as well.  The gay militants are taking advantage of this, knowing that most churches will fold.  Gay marriage was never just about gay marriage – this is the next step; the complete removal from society’s board of life.   The wall and bulwark of traditional American values is having its cornerstone and capstone removed at the same time.

Do you know what happens to a wall when that happens?   Worse things, mark my words. Be careful for what you wish for.

And the gays that have been starting these lawsuits in seeing this?  I would think that “YAY!” is probably the answer and another notch on their leather harness (Speaking of church, I once watched a gay pride parade as it passed me by in Boston (back then it was “a what??” – I had no idea what it was at the time but by the time the transdressed nuns sauntered by with a not so heavenly lilt, I got the picture; nuns with leather?). And Progressives, who are pushing  are smiling as one more impediment has been removed – just lots more to go.  For right now, it seems that the dominoes are falling faster and faster and they are pushing ever so much faster.

Not, sadly, not only being is Christianity being chased out of the public square but out of its Church as well. And the purveyors of our “new government sponsored religion of secularism”, that is as bad as sharing the stage as its Middle Eastern totalitarian brethren, as proudful as can be.

John Lennon of the Beatles once sung about there being no religion – I don’t this this is what he meant.

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