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Carly Fiorina in Nashua

On Thursday evening, at the beautiful home of Steve and Terry Negron in Nashua, NH, Carly Fiorina addressed members of the Nashua, NH, GOP and other guests from the surrounding area.

A good stump speech on the evils of a permanent political class and the bloated, incompetent, bureaucracy, the insulting condescension of a government that believes we cannot reach our full potential without its help, and the need to unlock the full potential of this great nation.

Fiorina included this Thatcher quote: “I will not manage the decline of a great nation!”

She also reminded us that leadership can come with a price – that of making enemies along the way. Something which also applied to Thatcher – undoubtedly a leader, uncompromising on key issues, and made enemies amongst those without spines. (Hmmm, kind of like being a conservative in today’s GOP!)

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