A great example by which we see Socialist are wrong about human nature: Greece

We have a similar problem here in NH – I’ve had this bookmarked for a bit but just had to post it after NH Gov Maggie “The Red” Hassan was on the news with her “I demand that everyone does what I tell them to”:

“None of us can do this alone,” she said. “It takes everybody in New Hampshire committed to coming together and recognizing the value of each and every one of us.”

No, not everyone has to take this one, not at all.  I refuse.  Just like the Greeks in this Zero Hedge post:

President of Greek Banks Association Louka Katseli appealed at the citizens to return their money to the banks. “Banks are absolutely trustworthy,” Katseli told Mega TV “as guaranteed by the ECB and the Bank Association, but they would have been even more powerful if 40 billion euros had not been withdrawn in the last months.

Katseli, a former PASOK Minister, appealed to citizens to return their deposits  to the banks “now that the banks are open” after a three-week holiday and capital controls.

Let’s all help our economy,” Katseli urged Greeks and added “If you take your money out of your chests and houses – which are not safe in any case – and deposit at banks, this will enhance liquidity.”

“There will be no need to “haircut” deposits in the future if we all act responsibly,” she added.

Yeah – where’s Lucy’s football?  The call for everyone to act just like “leaders” tell us to do.  Now, I have other words for Hassan but I liked what ordinary Greeks, having just been through a long bank holiday with limited access to THEIR money:

Katseli’s appeal triggered laughter among Greeks and one stressed with hint to capital controls “Oh yes! I will bring my money back to the bank and get it back 60 by 60 euro.”  Another one noted “Ah sure! Banks will never see my money again, I prefer to buy tonnes of peanuts with it.”  A third commented “Certainly. And the banks will go bust after a while…”

A fourth reckoned a very unfortunate incident in 2010 and busted into tears and laughter. Back then Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos had appealed to the Greeks to buy Greek bonds. The man invested 10,000 euro to help Greece. Two years later, his investment underwent a 53%-Haircut due to the PSI. Now the nominal value of his investment is …”I don’t even open the envelopes coming from the bank anymore, too frustrating,” he told me.

It shows the limitation of most to NOT putting their own self-interest, and the interest they have in their own family, first.  Yet, Socialists are always believing that we all believe in that nonsense that “we are all in this together”; that is one of their biggest failures. Sure, I can be all in – but for the folks I actually care about.  No, I’m not selfish it isn’t that I don’t I care about others but there are limits to compassion.

Especially in the Greek example, the trust that COULD have been there for Katseli’s imploring had been imploded by the Socialists in power when reality actually showed up at the door.