Open carry versus concealed carry: Size matters

by Kimberly Morin

sylviasandbladeOn Tuesday the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire held a press conference to discuss the results of a poll they conducted. The poll proves that a majority of Granite Staters are against allowing the state-sanctioned discrimination of the current pistol license law to continue. The poll also showed that a whopping 89% of voters are against people like billionaire Michael Bloomberg dictating our gun laws by spending millions to change them or fight against actual residents.

After the press conference, Representative Mike Sylvia (Belmont) and former State Representative Emily Sandblade created a video talking about open carry vs. concealed carry. Current law in New Hampshire dictates that anyone who can legally purchase and possess a firearm can open carry without asking permission from the state. During testimony for Senate Bill 116 (SB 116 ) aka Constitutional Carry, the paid hacktivists of Moms Demand wanted everyone to just open carry rather than concealed carry. Their “reasoning” was that they believe the police should know everyone who is carrying a firearm. They obviously didn’t consider the criminal element in their backwards logic.

Clearly this could be an issue and both Sylvia and Sandblade perfectly demonstrate why in their video. If a criminal wants to attack someone who is openly carrying and sees both Sylvia – a very tall man and Sandblade – a very small woman carrying in this way, they are going to attack Sandblade because she will appear as much less of a threat. For some reason, Moms Demand doesn’t understand this (they are being paid by an out-of-state billionaire to push against any reforms that are pro-2nd Amendment or self-defense) and neither do people who do not want to change the current discriminatory pistol license law.

The majority of women across the country and in New Hampshire carry concealed by choice partially for the reasons above. Women protect themselves because in general they appear to be easier targets for criminals. Openly carrying a firearm has the potential of making women become even bigger targets.

Women (and men) should have the choice of whether or not they want to openly carry or carry concealed without having to ask permission and without being discriminated against by their chief of police as does occur. Under SB 116 pistol licenses will still exist but a citizen won’t have to have one in order to protect themselves and carry concealed. It will be a choice. It’s a choice that the majority of women welcome because size does matter and so does saving one’s own life.

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