Let’s Pin Carl Gibson Down!

by Ed Naile

Handcuffed SuspectAccording to news reports, Democrat activist and revolutionary, Carl SEIU Occupy-wherever “Homer” Gibson is to be arraigned June 22, 2015 at the Sixth District Court in Concord for “Voter Suppression” a Class B Felony and a misdemeanor charge of distributing false documents. (He posed as 19 year old Republican candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey.)

So the NH AG is going to take action against one of hundreds of people just like “Homer” who show up in NH and cause political havoc and steal NH votes.


Now Wisconsin can prosecute Carl Robert Gibson for falsely registering to vote in Madison so he could vote in a State Supreme court race there.

Then Connecticut can prosecute him for registering to vote in that state on April 24, 2012.

The NH State Supreme court seems to think it is legal for people like Carl Robert Gibson to register to vote here as a “resident” because they, along with the NH AG have determined that the word resident means an inhabitant domiciled in NH – which is the opposite. But that is a different story. We are interested in Carl Robert Gibson’s real domicile, such as what his driver’s license says.

Does Carl Robert Gibson’s driver’s license say:

49 Seaside Ln, Old Lyme, CT 06371: Where he is currently registered to vote.

500 Avalon Way, Brandon, MS 39047: Where his phone number is from.

244 W Lakelawn Pl. Madison Wisconsin : Where is currently registered to vote.

310 Thompson Hall , Morehead, KY 40351

904 Westcott No St 302 , Houston, TX 77007

Or is Carl Robert Gibson’s real domicile 26 Summit Street, Concord NH where he voted in 2012 and by absentee in 2014?

At some point he will have to show some real identification and then the real investigation starts – here in good old New Hampshire.

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