Does The NH House GOP Establishment Want Democrat Maureen Mann To Win?

yvonne dean baileyThere is a special election for an open seat in the NH House next Tuesday with a solid conservative candidate running.  But by all accounts the establishment GOP in New Hampshire is AWOL in support of Yvonne Dean-Bailey in Rockingham district 32.

(Ed Mosca Blog) Conspicuously absent from Dean-Bailey’s list of donors is the GOP establishment.

Nothing from Speaker Jasper, or from his Majority Leader, Jack Flanagan.  Nothing from Deputy Speaker Chandler.  Nothing from Budget Chairman Neal Kurk.  Nothing from any prominent Jaspercrat, and nothing from the Jaspercrat PAC, the  Committee to Elect House Republicans.

But there is $1,000.00 from the House Victory PAC.  That’s the elected (by House Republicans) Majority Leader (Bill O’Brien)’s PAC.

Republicans just need to turn out and vote in this district and the GOP takes a second special election in as many months.

Denying Democrats regardless of the candidates has significant benefits to the GOP heading in to 2016.  It excites the base; motivates them to stay engaged, and to even donate or volunteer for other candidates.  Shouldn’t the party leadership, the NH House party leadership, be encouraging that.  Shouldn’t they also be doing something to not just keep a House seat in the hands of their own party (and keep their activists engaged) but prevent any uptick in enthusiasm a special election win might give to Democrats?

I assume they want to help Kelly Ayotte in 2016 – who, by the way has helped Dean-Bailey –so on that basis alone they should be acting in their own best interest to keep energy and engagement growing.

You know, NH Republican House “Leadership” I would love to write some essays about how you got out there and lead on this special election.

Rally the troops to get the Republicans in Rock-32 excited and engaged.  Ask reps to help door knock, make calls, offer to drive Republicans to the polls on Tuesday. Pay for a mailer in support of Yvonne Dean-Bailey, or a flyer, or something.

And if that’s more than you have time for you could just write her campaign a check.

The election is next week.  What are you waiting for?