Democrat accused of sending ‘hoax email’ charged with voter suppression

Carl Gibson I dont always
Carl Gibson I don’t always have too many beers before three in the afternoon but when I do…

Today the Democrat accused of sending the email hoax a few days before the special Rockingham District 32 election has been arrested for voter suppression. If you recall, Carl Gibson was doing social media for Maureen Mann’s campaign. A few days before the election an email was sent to specific press that claimed to be from Mann’s opponent Yvonne Dean-Bailey claiming she was dropping out of the race.

Within a short amount of time Gibson was discovered to be the perpetrator of the hoax email. The Concord Monitor called it a “prank” but it was hardly that. Gibson claimed he had too many beers before 3:30 in the afternoon on a weekday and that’s why he sent it out. In reality, it was intentionally sent out to suppress Republican voters in the district to give Mann a better shot of winning the race.

The New Hampshire Department of Justice made the following statement this morning:

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster announces that Carl Gibson, 28, of 26 Summit Street, Concord, New Hampshire turned himself into authorities on Thursday afternoon after a warrant for his arrest was issued. Mr. Gibson has been charged with voter suppression for knowingly attempting to induce voters to refrain from voting in this past Tuesday’s special election for state representative in Rockingham District 32. District 32 consists of the towns of Candia, Deerfield, Northwood and Nottingham. Gibson is accused of providing a false press release to various news sources generally circulated in District 32, alleging that candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey was dropping out of the race, thereby leaving the impression with voters that the special election was uncontested. Voter suppression is a class B felony. Gibson was additionally charged with the class A misdemeanor for distributing a false document purporting to be issued by Yvonne Dean-Bailey.

Gibson is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday, June 22, 2015, at the 6th Circuit Court in Concord, New Hampshire at 8:15 am.

Dean-Bailey won the election and is one of the youngest women ever elected to the New Hampshire Legislature. Of course, as previously reported, this isn’t the first time New Hampshire Democrats have sent fraudulent emails during a special election. They did the same thing during the special election for a seat on the Executive Council. It’s unclear if any complaints were made about that email but there were indeed complaints made to the Attorney General’s office about Gibson’s email.

It’s somewhat surprising that Foster is actually filing charges since he’s so lenient when it comes to voter fraud. It appears since Democrats got caught with their pants down on this one, they have to create some semblance of respect for the election process and are backing the charges.

Kimberly Morin is a political activist in the Granite State. She is a lifelong Independent who calls out both sides of the aisle when they screw up.