A note to Al Letizio – you made me not forget you.

Al LetizioYou know, I had all but finished writing about Mr. Al Letizio – you remember the one, yes?  He’s one of the two Windham Clown Princes of Politics on their School Board – and the good folk bounced the two of them (the other being Dennis Senibaldi) from said Board after the scandal that Kimberly wrote about (yes, the Examiner.com rolled over at the wisp of a legal retaliation by them like a two day old puppy that had lost control of itself) the no bid, not read, “energy saving” contract that was, IMHO, worthless.

I have no idea why I thought of it tonight (whilst having dinner out with TMEW), but I remembered that someone came up to me during the 603 Alliance event and told me that Al Letizio was passing word around and saying that I was lying about him in my previous posts.  That he was calling others as well and telling them others too.  Hmm, I still have all those emails…
You would have thought he didn’t want me to stop.  In fact, that’s the word that was sent to me – PLEASE stop (gosh, the entreaties become downright polite in a on-my-groveling-knees sorta way).  Way ta go, DUDE!  Now you, Al Letizio, and your clown guy Dennis Senibaldi, will have to read GraniteGrok all over again.  Let’s just chalk it up to “Lesson not only not learned, but ignored”.  I do wonder if they’ll ever “get it” (virtual elbow to our regular & loyal readers’ ribs (smirk) – you guys “get it”, dontcha!)?

So, next week, I’ll start all over again.  At some point.

Politicians – they can’t keep their yaps shut, can they.  Nor have they figured out that no matter what is promised, the word gets out. So, you couldn’t just leave well enough alone and decided to tell others I was lying, Al Letizio?

Barrel, pixels, smile.