They Let Criminals Out of Prison – Crime Rises

Crazy thing happened in Los Angeles when they let criminals out of prison…

The law, known to its advocates by the Orwellian title “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” reclassified certain felony crimes as misdemeanors. Previously, offenses such as drug possession, writing bad checks, and theft of property worth less than $950 could, under certain circumstances, be prosecuted as felonies, a tactic most often employed with repeat offenders.

No more.  These charges are straight misdemeanors now, and with the deterrent effect of a potential state prison sentence no longer hanging over those who practice these behaviors, the criminal underclass has responded accordingly.

And behold the harvest.  “LAPD struggles with spike in violent crime, shootings,” read the headline over a March 24 story in the Los Angeles Times.  Shootings in L.A. are up 31 percent this year as of March 21, which translates to 54 more people shot than during the same period last year.