Shouldn’t Progressives Oppose Abstinence Only Gun Education?

by Steve MacDonald

Thinking_ManJust a few passing thoughts, not all of them mine.

The Democrats and Progressives–because not all progressives are Democrats–tell us that there is no way the government could locate and round up 12 million illegal aliens but are more than happy to presume that if they passed a law they could locate and round up 350 million firearms.


c/o Charles C.W. Cooke (The Conservatarian Manifesto) “Nowadays students are suspended from school for making pistol shapes with their fingers or for simply saying ‘Bang!” in the schoolyard.  Progressives widely mock “abstinence only” sex education on the eminently reasonable grounds that sex is a fact of life and that children should therefore be taught about it.  Why should abstinence-only gun education be immune from their derision?”


On the NH State House budget battle.

A politician comes up to your “group” (we’ll call them an elected extortionist for the sake of clarity) and says we need to take a billion dollars more than we took from you last time around.  While they are trying convince you of this a second politician (extortionist #2) steps up and says wait!, how about we just rob them of a few hundred million more instead?  The first extortionist gets mad and tries to make you think that the second extortionist is actually trying give you money back.



Harry Reid is retiring (and there was much rejoicing).  To ‘Mark’ the ocassion Mark Steyn revisited his 2011 remarks after Harry Reid’s defense of funding Cowboy poetry with taxpayer dollars because it creates jobs.

“Tens of Thousands” would not exist?  There can’t be that many cowboy poets, can there? Oh, c’mon don’t be that naïve.  Where there are taxpayer-funded cowboy poets, there must surely be cowboy poetry festival administrators, and a Bureau of Cowboy Poetry Festival Licensing, and cowboy poetry festival Administration grant-writers, and a Department of Cowboy Poetry-Festival Grant Administration Processing, and Professors of Cowboy Poetry Festival Educational Workshop Management at dozens of American colleges credentialing thousands of cowboy poetry festival workshop co-coordinating majors every year.  It all adds up.




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