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Moms Demand provided a CLOWN show at Constitutional Carry Hearing

momsdemandclownsToday the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice Committee hearing on SB 116 aka the ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill was heard. As usual it was filled with a majority of 2nd Amendment supporters and activists. There were also the lobbyists paid to speak against Granite Staters’ rights as well as Mike Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action groupies. And what a show they gave.

One of the women was concerned that when she entered the state house no one checked to make sure she didn’t have a firearm. This same woman said her grandson had a birthday party in New Hampshire (it was clear she wasn’t from New Hampshire at this point) and she was terrified because she had no idea who was carrying concealed! She actually made the statement that she felt safer in Washington D.C. (literally one of the places with more violence than any other in the country) than she does in New Hampshire. She was serious.

Another Moms Demand harpy explained that licensing is necessary because her son sometimes goes crazy and she has to hide the knives from him. It was unclear how that pertains to the rest of the law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire but she seemed to think many others are as crazy as her son. Maybe she meant to testify at a mental health hearing? This woman actually claimed that SB 116 had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. Mindboggling.

Representative Mangipudi said that she is for peace and implied that gun owners were not. She does not believe in gun ownership. Great idea to have a pacifist on the Criminal Justice Committee right? Apparently she didn’t really understand the Oath of Office she took to uphold the Constitution. The rights of New Hampshire citizens as guaranteed in the New Hampshire Constitution trump her emotional feelings regarding gun ownership.

Another woman claimed she is a feminist and Constitutional Carry isn’t a women’s rights issue. Amusing a woman telling other women what their issues are isn’t it? Apparently birth control is a right and a women’s rights issue but the actual right of women to protect themselves isn’t a right in her mind. Left wing logic at its finest.

Representative Pantelakos asked how this bill would affect college students carrying on campus. It’s not clear why she asked this since the bill has nothing to do with campus carry. It was one of several of her usual one-liners that often leave people with a huge question mark over their heads. To think this woman was chair of the committee before is dumbfounding. She also seemed to have a chip on her shoulder that Democrats are known for violating 2nd Amendment rights.

Another Moms Demand woman who testified seemed absolutely horrified at the thought of women who carry concealed. This same woman made the claim that criminals will suddenly be able to carry firearms if SB 116 is passed. When asked by a member of the committee if criminals apply for pistol licenses she actually couldn’t answer the question.

It’s now understandable why Moms Demand in New Hampshire hasn’t had any of Bloomberg’s Moms testify this year. They absolutely made fools of themselves. It’s one thing to understand the legislation and attempt to make a valid argument against it. It’s completely another thing to not only appear clueless but show the entire state of New Hampshire that you are indeed clueless.

All in all it was a good day once again for the majority of Granite Staters who are indeed for Constitutional Carry. Aside from the comedy show provided by gun control extremists, the arguments for SB 116 were cohesive, intelligent, logical and well-reasoned. Even Granite State Progress had to admit the amendment added to the bill stating that law enforcement will be able to enforce federal law was a good addition. Now THAT is progress!

NOTE: Will be updated with video when available so you can enjoy the live show of what is explained above from this author’s first-hand account.