Another Republican who won’t vote. Will the GOP listen?

I haven’t put one of these types of letters up for a bit but given the wretched results (again, we no longer listen to the words, only care about real results!) we are seeing from the Republican majorities in both Concord and DC, I expect to see more and more of this; from the Daily Signal:

The last paragraph quoting Rep. Tim Huelskamp hits the nail on the head. The big Republican donors got their cheap labor.

“The biggest donors to the Republican establishment, they all are happy today. They got their amnesty,” Huelskamp said. “They just hope the issue goes away and somehow they think conservatives are still going to show up and vote for whoever the presidential nominee is.”

I can almost guarantee that conservatives will not show up and vote for whoever the Republican nominee is because we don’t see a difference between what I call “Republican elite” and Democrats.

I became a Republican in 1980 and voted for Reagan because as he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” That’s how I felt and couldn’t believe a man who was suppose to be intelligent, Jimmy Carter, could be so stupid with high inflation and unemployment. I was very young. Now I’m feeling the same way about the Republican Party.

I always felt voting for the Republican presidential candidate was the right thing to do even though I wasn’t always enamored with the candidate. This is the first time I won’t feel guilty about not voting for the Republican candidate because a message needs to be sent to the Republican elite. If Scott Walker is the nominee, I will vote; definitely not Jeb Bush. At this point, I’m unsure anyone else could get me to the booth; but I would look at Ben Carson.

Barbara C. Diehl, Palos Heights, Ill.

No, not from NH – but it could have been and I agree with Barbara – if the GOP selects a nominee that has too little difference from the Democrats, I will vote for every other race but not the top of the ticket.  The Party has to EARN my vote and persuade me that there is value add.  After all, that’s how I spend my dollars – only when there is value in the product I want and believe it worth the cash I spend – my vote is now the same way.

Here’s the rub – promise lots of stuff but enact little of it?  Then why the heck did we vote for you in the first place?  Excuses are so first-grade; you all claim to be grown-ass adults.  We in the base are taking the excuses, with the attendent poor results on the stuff that matters, no more.  Produce or be replaced.  Simple.  No nuances, no wiggle room; we’re done with that.

Keep sounding like Democrats during campaigns (like when Scott Brown decided to “out-abortion” Jeanne Shaheen or Walt Havenstein’s flip-flop on Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion here in NH), then aiding those same Democrats with legislation (Boehner and McConnell in DC, the Democrat appointed Speaker of the House Jasper here in NH) and you will see us deny you our votes.

The paradigm is shifting; we are no longer accepting the mantra of “Vote for us, we’re just a little less worse than the Democrats”.  Instead, it is OUR mantra of “Support the Constitutions and Platform and IF we think you are a value-added commodity, we will spend our precious vote on you.  If not, we will withhold it”.  And if you suffice for the former, the GOP will win.  If you do not produce value-added results, just like the example Steve put up, we won’t.

We may lose but you will certainly lose.  Lose enough, and you will have other competition.  After all, both power and politics abhor a vacuum – if the GOP wants to keep expanding that vacuum, competition will rise up to fill it.

The Whigs found that out; perhaps the GOP will figure it out in time but I’m not holding my breath. Anymore.