UNH President Has His Finger on The Trigger

by Steve MacDonald

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nhpr.org is reporting that UNH El Presidente Mark Huddleston has 4000 “advocates” ready to contact their legislators.  About what?  A desperate University systems desperate want.

They want $100 million dollars in taxpayer handouts and they are $40 million short.  The governor’s lousy budget, the one that throws the elderly and mentally handicapped under the bus, only plunders a paltry $13 million-dollar add-on to the $60 million UNH (University Needs Handouts) already gets in their rusty little tin cup every budget cycle.

And what is our reward?  Same as before.

Students they can’t keep here after graduation take the education we helped pay for to other states, which makes sense in a way because most of the people who would support expanding the tradition of taxpayer-funded UNH bail-outs get elected because out-of-state tuition-paying students voted them into office for that very purpose.

I can’t speak to how Democrat elected speaker Jasper, chief zookeeper at the NH House RINO exhibit (and chief curator of the political retribution museum in Concord) will respond to el Presidente “banging his rusty tin cup on the oppressive bars of his current $60 million dollar bail out,” but Jasper has made it clear that he does listen to “them that brought him to the dance.”  And Democrats want desperately to make Huddleston their $100 Million dollar man.  Why?  Because an education monolith that bleeds intellectual capital like UNH will never see $150 million from taxpayers until after they get to $100 million.  They want that $100 million.  But will they make that leap this session?

According to nhpr.org Huddleston thinks he can get to them because he’s got this button…(hope it’s not taxpayer funded)

“and when we push the button and ask them to make those phone-calls and send those emails we can move the needle,”

Did you push the button while the governor was writing her budget because she is a willing participant in the scam and that needle barely moved. (ouch!)

I have some under-educated and unsolicited advice for el Presidente Huddleston.  Push your button.  Push it like a cocaine study monkey and lets see what happens.

Would you like me to tell you what happens?

Huddleston gets nothing because we’ve already got bills to pay, costs we can’t cram down, nursing homes and the mentally disabled to save from Governor Hassan’s cuts, roads and bridges (or so I am repeatedly told), and a long list of other priorities, some of which even Democrats will be loathe to put behind handing more tax dollars to a University system capable of raising gobs of money on its own.

You placed your bet el Presidente, now lets see your cards.




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