Red Alert! Commissioner Virginia Barry of theNH Dept. of Education makes a proclamation: WE own YOUR children

Read this carefully – Commissioner Virginia Barry (Ph.D. dontcha know) has just made it very clear – NH State Government has just stripped your “ownership” and responsibility of your own children from you.  And I thought my comparison was a bit over the top last night – this makes it clear that our NH Government has decided it has precedence over your children.  Are you going to let this stand – in a nation that calls itself “a free country”?  In part:

…All public school students in the designated grades SHALL participate in the assessment…

There is no “opting out” option for students in the law.  SAU, district and /or school personnel do not have the authority to develop or sign any form allowing a student to not take the assessment….

…Therefore, parents have no legal right to opt their children out

The districts’ legal obligations are clear, and districts must not allow ANY citizen to prevent their district from fulfilling its mandate to administer the assessment to all public school students in the designated grades.

And that reference to “citizen” means you, parents.  And then it goes on in words that fulfill exactly what I said at the .223 rally this afternoon: Progressivism – where the citizen serves the State.  Here, the State is saying that your children must serve the needs of the State, no quibbling about it.  Here is the full notice:

NH Dept of Ed - WE own your children

– Commissioner Commissioner Virginia Barry  just beat Nationalist Socialist Herrman Goebbels; at least he was honest about his intentions.

We don’t need you. We have your children

Parents, you may wish to start making a stink.