Shawn Jasper – “Unfortunately, There Are Those Looking To Distort and Distend The Story…”

Jasper-Knifes-GOPRepublican Rep Al Baldasaro has a bad hip, and speaks at the well often, so he always requests an aisle seat on the House Floor so he can get to the podium to speak with less discomfort to himself or to others;  Democrat elected House Speaker Shawn Jasper assigned him a seat in the middle of a row.

A representative out of Northwood (not a huge fan of Jasper would be my guess) who has been on Criminal Justice for four years requested that committee assignment again.  When the rep asked Democrat elected Speaker Jasper why he was not back on that committee, Jasper’s only response was, “You know why.”

Max Abramson, who has committed many years of his life to criminal justice issues, trials, and is familiar with the system and it’s failings, was pulled from the same committee by Jasper.  The rep first learned of the move when a reporter called to ask for comment on the change.

Shawn Jasper removed one rep from a committee he has been on  for several years (and wished to remain on), an assignment that does not require him to make changes to his work schedule, and put him on a committee that will force him to either miss work at his job or miss committee work.

Other reps, who have been on committees for years and have a wealth of knowledge about legislation and issues related to those committees, are being removed by Democrat elected Speaker Jasper and put on committees on which they have never served.

There is no evidence as of this writing that Democrat elected speaker Jasper has done this to even one Democrat who is returning from last session.

Democrats elected Speaker Jasper (R-Hudson).

In response to the publicity surrounding his expulsion of Rep Abramson from Criminal Justice, the Democrat elected Speaker wrote in a now public email (and I quote…)

Unfortunately, there are those looking to distort and distend the story to benefit their own political ambitions. Sadly, that seems to be the name of the game nowadays.

What a relief.  I’m so glad to hear that what the Democrat elected Speaker is doing is not political.


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