Senator Watters protests police with Communist-loving Missouri lawmaker - Granite Grok

Senator Watters protests police with Communist-loving Missouri lawmaker

wattersgroundNH Senator David Watters (Democrat from District 4) took a trip to Washington D.C. recently for a Planned Parenthood legislative session.  He proudly posted a photo of his little trip to visit with the young teen abusing organization on Twitter.  While Watters was in D.C. he also decided to partake in a ‘Die-In’ to protest the Ferguson grand jury ruling (and the police because… #blacklivesmatter).  Ironic because black babies are aborted at astronomical rates by Planned Parenthood every year.  An organization that was started by racist Margaret Sanger.


Before I get started on how moronic it is for a legislator to be protesting a grand jury decision, let me show you the type of people Watters was protesting with.  One of them is a Senator from Missouri named Maria Chappelle Nadal.  This Senator from Missouri is obviously another clueless Democrat but she’s even worse than Watters.

Nadal’s wallpaper on her Twitter account is a photograph of mass murderer, Communist pig Che Guevara.  Did I mention that Nadal is black?  Did you know that besides being a mass murderer Guevara also hated black people?  Apparently Nadal doesn’t mind racist,  mass murderers who kill pregnant women for fun.


It is offensive to anyone with a brain cell that Watters is protesting at a Ferguson ‘Die-In’.  Not only was Officer Wilson not charged with any crimes but as the facts of the case came out it was clear he was defending his life. Basically Watters just flipped a big middle finger to police officers across the country, including in the Granite State.

Because of the lunatics protesting over Ferguson and the Eric Garner case in New York City, police officers have either been assassinated or shot at.  Rather than following the facts in the case, Watters chose to put his far left wing politics above the law and the grand jury decisions.  Watters spoke loud and clear in his little ‘die-in’ with his communist-loving buddy that police lives don’t matter.