It’s not an “unproductive” Congress I fear – it is the Administrative State that I fear. Why?

Much has been made of this current Congress not able to pass legislation – as if that was their major Constitutional mandate.  Certainly the media does believe that as well as Progressives and Big / Bigger Government lovers for it seems that “the masses” need to be controlled, that they are children that need direction from their betters.  So a chart like this:

Bills passed by Congress 2014

…believes there is a lack of governance, that Government only works when “stuff gets done”.  It doesn’t for me because all it has become is a Money Transfer Mechanism – taking over $1 Trillion / year (when you look at the Federal budget) from some to give to others for “Social Justice” purposes that used to be called “the dole”.  It’s simply an expression of the Progressive “Freedom from need” – you cannot be free if you have worry (at all) about anything.  Freedom from need, freedom from want – let someone else provide for you.

That used to be called self-responsibility but Progressives have removed that stigma of “being helpless” from our culture and replace it with “hey, go see the first Government social worker and sign up for it ALL!”.  But I digress.  The idea that Government was supposed to be limited and protect our Rights is one that Progressives have seemingly removed from our culture – and by design over the decades.

Back to my main thought – if Congress is not passing law, that is by design.  Our Constitution was MADE to make it hard to pass stuff as only when an idea is sufficiently amenable to most would it pass.  Given the almost unbridgeable chasm between those that still revere the original values in the Constitution and those that believe that it is a complete hindrance and should remain under glass to never be brought to the fore, I am GRATEFUL that law that would favor the latter has not been passed.

Yet, at least in passing law, we would know who did what and be able to hold our elected representatives accountable.  Instead, the result of decades of laziness and abdication, we get regulations up the wazoo from those we cannot hold accountable – the emerging Administrative / Bureaucratic State whose regulations and rules have the force of law without any say-so from the ordinary citizen.  Can we go do their office and complain?  Hardly.  Can we make them listen when they do wrong?  No – they seemingly have many protections (including “qualified immunity” and Civil Service regs that hold them blameless) that seemingly put them more into the Captain’s chair than us (and sometimes, more than our Representatives).