A Micro-proof that Federal Social Programs DON’T work!

by Skip

Do Federal SOcial Programs WorkRecounted to me this weekend by the Eldest’s girlfriend (“the EG”) who has two children.  She’s been working on getting a degree in special education and a couple of other things on the side – she really does want to better herself.  Being a vet, she is unhappy that she has to be needy on the Feds – she wants to be independent and self-reliant.  She’s grateful for the assistance but REALLY want to provide for herself and her two little ones.

So she’s been working hard, being diligent, and yes, it’s hard juggling the kiddos, studying, and doing all the normal things in life including managing (juggling) grants and loans for school.  She had to go in and see her social worker, who answered that question in the image “Do Federal Social Programs Work?”

I think this response by her social worker says it all:

Forget school – drop out and then you don’t have to struggle so hard.  Just stay on TANF – you’ll get more money, actually

The EG was RIPPED.  She could not believe that the social workers just effectively said told her to stop trying to make a better life.  Relax, do nothing, and get more for it.  You DON’T have to work – WE’LL take care of you!  No encouragement to finish the degree.  No congrats on working like a dog to do all the right things.  Nothing said on “GREAT!  Love to see that drive for accomplishment!”

No, the message was plain and simple – give up, be stupid, take it easy, and be dependent on Government for the rest of your life – the taxpayers will take care of you”.  Actually, ixnay on that last part; the taxpayers that would then have to have a lower standard of living were never mentioned.  Nothing told that in order for Government to give her stuff (TANF, the program for single mothers w/kids along with WIC, Medicaid, subsidized housing, and the rest), first other people will have stuff taken from her.

She resented that – and it is just another anecdote that once on, the Feds are cool with that.  In essence, this social worker was making sure that her “count” stayed up – justifying her position (which also means that for her to receive her salary and bennies, Government must first take stuff from other people).

So no, in this case, for what Conservatives believe SHOULD be the end goal (simple: get people back on their feet), Government social programs were a total failure.


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