“You have made them not care”, NH GOP – The three becomes four

by Skip

NH GOP Victory Starts Now LogoPromoted from the Comment section of “You have made them not care”- NH GOP Elite? Pat yourselves on the back – three MORE just took the Exit door” (emphasis mine):

Welcome to the club. I left the Republican Party when former Republican senator Rausch tried to push a gas tax chained to the CPI. When you have NH Republicans pushing NH Democrats out of the way to get to the tax switch first, you know there is a problem with the NH Republican Party. That was the last straw for me.

His words, not mine.  He no longer cares, but the operative questions is if the NH GOP cares – and cares enough to actually DO more than just say words to that effect?  And that is the crux of the problem – these folks hear the words but then see actions to the opposite.  They are tired of the hypocrisy and have decided to no longer play by the Elites’ game rules.

Ball’s in your court, NH GOP.

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