Email Doodlings – a “what if” for one of the NH House Republican factions

More emailing today than postings, so a chance to combine the two.  And it comes up with a single “what if” supposition.  Again, reference back to my Pat Caddell “ready to quit” and the notices about the “3” and the “4” (slightly edited):

… the NH GOP just doesn’t get how close many of its activists are just ready to quit.  Yet, they just keep doing the same things. I can only surmise that they want a new GOP base – one that doesn’t complain and just votes the way they’re told.  They just don’t seem to want to play chess and look forward a few moves [if they got that base]…

In fact, I wonder what their reaction would be if the “O’Brien faction” just decided to declare itself to be a new party?  It would be larger than the Dems and the NH GOP would become the “rump” party in the House.  And that would certainly remove Flanagan as being the Majority Leader as he would then belong to the most minor Party.
And that would be erstwhile NH House “Majority” Leader Jack Flanagan if you didn’t guess.  I do guess, however, that would make him the Diminutive Leader?

Any thoughts on doing that, if for nothing else than the PR value?  And you might be surprised how many out there would immediately bolt and join with you.
It would be fun to watch the dynamics of such if it would occur, wouldn’t it?  Oh well, this is probably more an intellectual fun exercise than something that would actually happen but isn’t that what fun “what if” scenarios are for?
by Skip

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