Data Point – Campaign Finance monies, most of it Democrat

Yup, the Left always complains about the amounts of money spent in political campaigns and that we HAVE to move to public financing of such, well, because MONEY! This is something that I abhor – why should MY tax monies be given to move forward an agenda that is antithetical to me (or visa versa, as the case may be)?  There is NO free speech in that, nor choice either.  Instead, like all things handed to the Govt, it will become all-about-the-politics because MONEY!  And influence, and power.  After the IRS targeting Conservative / TEA Party group scandal (that sought to limit free speech only on one side of the divide), WHY would I Trust my government to act differently now that it has become politically weaponized?

But for the record, here’s the money takes:

Top 10 Donors 2014As you can see, the top two donors ponied up over $100 million and are on the Left.  My response? 

  • Good for them – they earned it, they should be able to spend it anyway they want to in furthering their agenda (as much as I may hate their agenda).
  • How come the Republican donors are pikers?

After all, Adelson supports Republicans – a measly (in comparison to Dems Steyer & Bloomberg in supporting Lefty agenda items) $13 mil?  And Harry Reid’s favorite whipping boy, the Kochs – well, one brother gave 1/2 of Adelson.  Yes, the union money isn’t there (90-95% or more) goes to Dems) and corporate money (used to go Right with a current trajectory of Left) but still, even this individual money shows a disparity in support.

(H/T: Townhall)