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On Second Thought…

Second Amendment By the Numbers

In just one day, we have two prime examples of how vitally important our Second Amendment is.

Protecting our natural rights to secure arms for personal or family defense, and to fight tyranny of any kind, the Second Amendment must be treasured and guarded with everything we have.  If not, we’ll just become victims, like the people in these examples…

Why We Need our Second Amendment: Example #1 – The UN in Haiti

UN Peacekeepers Shooting at Unarmed Civilians in Haiti

Today, UN troops in Haiti (who have been there in force since 2004) fired on unarmed civilians as they were protesting.

By now, Haitians have had enough of the UN occupying their country.  In 2010, about 10 months after the devastating Earthquake that shook the island (which increased the UN presence), Haiti fell victim to a serious Cholera outbreak, which continues today.  Haitians speculate that the outbreak started when UN troops allowed their sewage to flow into the island’s largest river.  Many of these undisciplined troops were new arrivals to Haiti, fresh off a mission in Nepal, working to contain (of all things) a Cholera outbreak.

Ironically, the left-leaning, Democrat-fawning publication The New Republic squarely blames the UN in this article and chastises the Obama administration for interfering with legal proceedings against the UN, after the President insisted that they “enjoy absolute immunity” from such suits.  Go figure.

Video and Example #2 after the jump…

So, aside from possibly bringing a 4-year (and running) Cholera outbreak to Haiti, killing nearly 9000 people (and running), the wonderful “blue helmets of good intentions” are now shooting at those who are just plain lucky to have survived, simply because they see fit to protest their inept benefactors.  If Haitians knew what our Second Amendment was all about, I suspect they’d want it – and the guns that go with it – post haste.

To be honest, I’m very surprised we don’t see dozens of dead Haitians in this video.  But, there’s always a chance these jokers will improve their shooting skills, as the days go on and they get more live-fire practice.


Why We Need our Second Amendment: Example #2 – Sydney Australia.

Hostages in Sydney Cafe

Let’s be honest here.  If planet Earth were a big Disney-like amusement park,  Australia would be called “Gun Free Zoneopolis”.

Yep, there’s another madman on the loose – this time in Sydney cafe – and he’s got a gun and a bunch of hostages; unarmed, defenseless, folks, who went from innocent commuters walking to work, to victims of a deranged person in the blink of an eye.

There was virtually no chance these culprits were going to be challenged by any concealed-carriers in the Land Down Under.  People in Sydney are as armed as they might be in Harvard Square, after the Australian government imposed knee-jerk, ultra-restrictive gun laws in 1996.  So, when seconds mattered, nobody in the cafe had a gun for self defense.  But, surely, the Police, with their tactical gear, BearCat vehicles, and sniper rifles, were there in only minutes.

Now the bad guys have their hostages and we’ll just have to wait for the scenario to play out.  I probably should mention that the villains have hung an Islamic flag in the window.

So, government can try to take all the guns and ban their possession but they can’t stop bad (or sick) people from getting their hands on them, one way or another, and doing bad things to good people.  Unfortunately, the good people have to pay the price for these foolish policies.

They’ve already taken away all the guns in Australia – so what will the cry be from politicians and the insipid “moonbats of good intentions“, like “Moms Demand Action”, once this episode ends?

Maybe a ban on gatherings of two or more people in cafes will solve the problem.