One Year Ago Tonight – DuckGate!

duck-tread Duck Gate David CampbellOne year ago today, David ‘Duck-Slayer’ Campbell had a few drinks at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, ran over some resident water fowl in his BMW, and then parked his car and fled the scene on foot to his law office across the way.  There he sought assistance from then Nashua Police Commissioner Thomas Pappas, who picked him up and instead of bringing him to the police to be interviewed (at the scene just a few hundred feet away), stowed him away just long enough for him to most certainly be sober when he finally surfaced to speak with police about the incident.

We first posted about the story here on Dec 3oth, and followed with updates here, here, here, here, and here.  There are more articles, including a radio interview I did with Michael Graham on the story here, just search David Campbell, Thomas Pappas, Duck Slayer, Duck Gate, you get the idea.

candle-candlelight-vigilThe NH AG observed that Campbell and Pappas’ version of events, “in many regards, were simply not credible,” but could not bring themselves to find actionable violations worthy of prosecution.   Pappas did resign as police commissioner during the controversy, and Campbell eventually decided not to run for office again, where he had been the current chair of (yes) the transportation committee.

So tonight, please take time for moment of silence, to remember the Ducks who were crushed by no-longer NH House Rep David Campbell, who was then hidden by no longer Nashua Police Commissioner Thomas Pappas, on December 23rd, 2013