When blank votes, votes? Ask the ” Lauri Sanborn lieutenants”?

Ballot RepublicanHmmm, much afoot within the NH GOP haunted halls – or is that hunted halls?  Looks like the old Chinese curse of “May you live in interesting times” is of great import right now – and it seems that those that live here are sending us interesting tidbits on which to munch – more J’Ass’perism.  And the votes that “never were” (aka, the 16 blank votes that were recorded during the voting in the NH House Speaker race).

Yes, we have heard the “rumor” (from several different sources) that Laurie Sanborn may have pulled a “Lurch” (aka, John Kerry’s “flip – flop” in the “for it / against it” howler) in that she praised Bill O’Brien and then entered a blank ballot instead of an expected vote for O’Brien.  Now we have heard that one or more of her “lieutenants” (i.e., perhaps those that were looking for Chair goodies if she had continued her run for Speaker) also did the same thing and helped trigger the whole hot mess the NH House Republican caucus is in. 

This seems to have become a second dot connected to some past actions (or is that inactions, or switched actions?) in Sanborn’s past.  You see, NOTHING is secret in politics – nothing.  Eventually someone is going to slip up (the primary action) and then someone else will slip up again.

We just wait and listen.   And note where people end up:

Finance – Division II
59.3% B Karen Umberger (r-Kearsarge) Chair
95.2% B+ Laurie Sanborn (r-Bedford) Vice Chair

 I guess she didn’t listen to what her husband said to me about GraniteGrok around the time he did this interview.

by Skip

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