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Obamacare victims: New Hampshire middle class

A-cartoon-obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurtSaturday began the new open enrollment period for Obamacare in New Hampshire. Pushed by Governor Hassan’s office and Democrats across the state to ‘Get Covered’ for those who don’t currently have health insurance or who had their plans cancelled and now need to purchase insurance on the exchange. Shaheen and Shea-Porter, the 2 Democrats in New Hampshire who voted for Obamacare kept touting that there would be more choices as well.

They were correct that there are now more choices in New Hampshire for health insurance plans; however, they didn’t tell people that it would still be unaffordable. If a person wishes to buy the best plan aka ‘Platinum Plan’, they are going to pay over $1,000 per month depending on their income. The more you make, the more expensive these plans cost of course (over $2,500 per month depending on your income). And there are no subsidies if you earn above a certain amount.

Obamacare is hurting the middle class the most in New Hampshire. Story after story from people who have either had their insurance plans cancelled and must now buy Obamacare on the exchange or who are actually downgrading their good plans because they simply cannot afford them anymore. One person was lamenting how their health insurance plan was now going to cost over $2,200 per month. Many have seen increases of 20 – 40% in their plans.

While the middle class is now paying far higher premiums for plans with higher deductibles and out-of-Pocket costs, they are subsidizing others who have better health insurance. Obamacare is the redistribution of middle class health care to others. People who have worked and paid for health insurance for years are now be squeezed and paying health insurance premiums that are equal or greater than the cost of their monthly mortgage payments.

What’s even more outrageous are the videos that have surfaced last week by Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare. The man arrogantly speaks about how Democrats completely deceived ‘Stupid Voters’ in order to pass it. What he really meant was they deceived ‘Stupid Democrats’ because the majority of Americans never wanted Obamacare and still don’t to this day. Now that people are feeling even more pain thanks to Obamacare, they are beyond angry.

Democrats always claim they support the middle class but Obamacare proves once again that simply isn’t true. Americans have been Grubered by Democrats and Obamacare is hurting them not helping. More people will suffer over the next few years as companies drop health insurance altogether and then the Cadillac Tax kicks in. The middle class are victims of Obamacare and Democrats in New Hampshire and across the country.


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