The ‘Obama Whisperer’ – Valerie Sighed, People Died

by Mike

New Republic: "The Obama Whisperer"

New Republic: “The Obama Whisperer”

I’ll make my bid to get on her s#!t list, and come right out and say it – Valerie Jarrett costs lives!

The Obama Whisperer, SHE who leads him from behind, is also the person most responsible for the occasions when Obama seems to dither, and lose the advantage due to an excess of caution.

We already know that Jarrett was the prime non-mover behind the multiple delays in the Bin Laden raid (Obama Bin Busted), but more recently we learned that Obama dithered again and again over utilizing the intelligence as to where James Foley and other journalists were being kept by ISIS. Same modus operandi, same influence? Valerie sighed, People died??

Noam Scheiber over at The New Republic wrote a piece which tried to be flattering about Jarrett being Obama’s top confidante and reflection of his “authentic self”, but ended up being more frightening than flattering.

A few samples from the article:

Scaring the kiddies:

“[When] a longtime source who left the Obama White House years ago [was asked] for his impressions of Jarrett, he confessed that he was too fearful to speak with [Scheiber], even off the record.”
Maoist former communications director, Anita Dunn said “[Jarrett’s] role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West Wing,
Another former official said “… She went to whatever meeting she wanted to go to—basically all of them—and then would go and whisper to the president.”
Also, “[J]arrett is not above keeping a s#!t list — or as hers was titled, a ‘least constructive’ list.”

Reinforcing the President’s bubble:

While aboard Air Force One at the end of the 2012 campaign, Jarrett turned to Obama and told him, “Mr. President, I don’t understand how you’re not getting eighty-five percent of the vote.” The other Obama aides in the cabin looked around in disbelief before concluding that she’d been earnest.
Jarrett’s job may be nothing less than to reflect the most authentic version of Barack Obama back at himself. “My speculation has always been, when you are any president or Democratic nominee, at the pinnacle of American political power, you are necessarily surrounded by layer and layer of bureaucracy,” says a former White House aide. “You’re completely disconnected. For someone to come to you and say, ‘I am going to be the person who is your connection to the real you’ … is very attractive.”

Puppet-mistress, alter-ego, other half of his brain, gatekeeper, confidante, little Barry’s nanny, his “rock” (Moochelle doesn’t like that title, bestowed by Vogue in 2008)….
Take your pick: When we had the Clintons, it was “two for the price of one” – you knew Hillary was involved in policy (IE HillaryCare). With the Obama’s, we KNOW that Moochelle will tell us what to eat, but we suspect, apparently with good reason, that Valerie tells Barack what his policies will be.
A half Kenyan President, mentored by an adviser born in Iran – what could go wrong?

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  • The GIGO Gecko

    “I’ll make my bid to get on her s#!t list”

    Good to know some people still have lofty goals in life.

    And yeah, the Osama bin Laden raid — what an utter failure that turned out to be.

    “[W]e suspect, apparently with good reason…”

    “Good reason,” in your case, starting with the ironclad fact that the odious Obama is “half-Kenyan” and working ever backward from there to construct a web of conspiracy theories so far-fetched and hysterical that even a superficial debunking of these is unnecessary. Jarrett is behind the President’s every important move and this is an indisputable FACT because…it gives alarmingly stupid wingnuts one more ridiculous idea to spread around and lament in pidgin English.

    Jesus H. Baldheaded Christ save us all. Except for the denizens of the Dumberdome.

    • Perhaps you missed the referenced research done by Richard Miniter “Leading from Behind”, where Jarrett was so concerned that the Bin Laden raid might go badly for Little Barry’s reputation, that it nearly didn’t happen at all. The raid succeeded, but was more dangerous than it needed to be due to repeated delays.

      Perhaps you also missed the 2008 Vogue article about “Barack’s Rock (Jarrett)”, or where Obama called her “the other half of my brain”.

      And fhe piece I’m referenceing? From the famously right-wing rag, The New Republic!

      Yeah, wild conspiracy theories – backed up by stories in even the left-leaning press.

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  • sb

    Please, enlighten us as to what a serious source would be.

    On another note, are you in denial? Not just with this, but everything else that is happening? How much “incompetence” is too much to be a coincidence for you, especially considering he does have “advisors”, and presumably, the smartest in the land? (I think the obamacare website makes a very good case for this, considering the big names and faces on his side, as an easy fast off-the-cuff example everyone knows about.)

    • The GIGO Gecko

      Christ, enough with the “Please, enlighten us…” bullsh*t. That kind of moronic shoe-shuffling is worn out before it even begins. At least Mike here tries to respond with genuine discourse rather than tiresome whining and meaningless demands. I’ll say in this case, however, that sites that advocate “birther” positions automatically remove themselves from consideration from the title of “serious.”

      “On another note, are you in denial? Not just with this, but everything else that is happening?”

      Actually, no. I live in the real world, not some toxic waste dump of a blog so far to the ineducable right that it makes Trent Lott look like a dangerous liberal. You should be asking that question of everyone who logs for Granite Grok, especially the “birthers.” And if you’re still having trouble with the Obamacare site, try getting someone who knows how to use a modern computer to help you.

      • sb

        LOL you couldn’t pay me to go near that site with a ten foot pole.

        You have no grounds to decide who is worthy of discourse and who is not. You are the one namecalling, you are the one who automatically rules out possible scenarios simply because they came from someone “right wing”. That does not lend itself well to your cries for credibility.

        • The GIGO Gecko

          LOL you actually use computers to surf Web sites, you don’t need to physically approach them. And LOL, you come to THIS tragic mess of incompetent Web design (which takes 30 seconds to load on an ultra-fast connection) year fear one constructed by the federal government. Can’t say I’m surprised.

          “You have no grounds to decide who is worthy of discourse and who is not.

          I certainly have grounds to reject or accept ideas based on their relative and objective merits. Would you sooner trust a science paper turned in by someone who works for NASA or your neighbor’s 10-year-old? (Actually, in your case, who knows.)

          “you are the one who automatically rules out possible scenarios simply because they came from someone “right wing”.

          Are you under the influence of alcohol or worse or are you really that incapable of basic cognition? Are you simply unable to stay on point or is your demented mission keeping these little get-togethers as off-topic as possible, since substantive discussion only addles you and exposes you and others here as drooling and braying frauds?

          I pointed out exactly what was wrong with the original blog post here and immediately in steps sb with his hysterical waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaah whiiiiiiiiiiiiining. It is almost morbidly hilarious that you let multiple references to “Moo-chelle” (now that’s fWITTY!) pass without comment you accuse me of namecalling. You are a hypocrite, you can’t think at a level suitable for honest discussion about a damn thing on this green earth, and I can only hope you have no descendants.

          “That does not lend itself well to your cries for credibility.”

          My *cries for credibility*? WTF? Like I really need the approval of a coterie of cranks to believe in the validity of my ideas? Sorry, pal, I let people who are neurologically intact vet those.

          What a fine little dystopic nuthouse this concentration of corrupt DNA is. I do believe it’s time to leave it once again to the turd-smeared governance of the inmates.

      • Trent Lott was a dangerous liberal.
        “If we get any more Jim DeMint’s here, we’ll have to co-opt them”

  • Half-Kenyan is not from the article, it’s a well known fact – unless you posit that Frank Marshal Davis is his real father – which, while possible, is further than I’d like to go.
    Jarrett’s birthplace is not disputable, either, and it’s Iran, BTW.

    Strict interpretation of the constitution makes Obama ineligible on the grounds that one parent was not an American citizen, even though this has (foolishly IMHO) been ignored of late.
    Iranian connections make for dangerous symnpathies, which seem to be playing out to our detriment in the nuclear negotitions. Did you see in TNR where Jarrett always has a seat at negotiating tables?

    I get what you say about other presidents having trusted advisers, or previous examples of hesitation losing the day, like Clinton and Osama Bin Laden, to name one. That does not alter the fact that Jarrett:

    Intimidated other White House staff.
    Put her own people in key departments and offices as “my person over there”.
    Was known to have been the key influence in the delays of the Bin Laden raid, while Obama himself was not as engaged as they tried to claim – see the various “fraudian slips” in official photos.

    Is Jarrett the only machiavelian close adviser, no way, but has she dangerously hardened the bubble in which Obama lives? I think so.

  • Navy Nuke

    “Jarrett’s being Iraqi-born somehow translating into something sinister on its face, or Obama being married to a Holstein.”

    Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, although her parents are / were American.

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