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Shaheen “Remember When” Part 3: Bureaucrats Before Bridges

Not that long ago, when given the opportunity to keep hundreds of millions of dollars annually from leaving New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen, Barack Obama’s Senate envoy to New Hampshire, voted to back the plundering pirates from Washington over state and local control…of transportation dollars.

Which party is it that demands a steady increase in taxpayer-tithing to the “Crying Temple for Crumbling Roads and Bridges”?  That would be Democrats.  But given the opportunity to pump hundreds of millions back into the hands of state and local government (year after year) to address transportation infrastructure based on local priorities, Jeanne Shaheen sent a message; she does not trust you with your her money.

Shaheen voted against legislation to allow states to keep most of the federal gas tax dollars they already collect.  At 0.184 cents per gallon, that could add close to 150 million annually to the granite state’s transportation budget.

Is she afraid the locals would pilfer it for bike-paths, trails, and parks?  What isthere to fear?   The Federal government does that already.  At least we’d be pilfering our gas tax dollars for our own parks and trails, a situation which is much easier to remedy–should the voters object to such priorities–if the money is controlled locally instead of in the distant land of DC.

But with the money in DC, Jeanne Shaheen has more control.  Jeanne Shaheen can use it to curry favor with Senators from other states, by voting for things they want–which New Hampshire has no interest in–so that they might later vote for something the Democrat party wants for themselves or her donors in New Hampshire.

And if the gas tax dollars stay in the states, Marxist advocates like Shaheen, and her girl-pal Liz ‘You didn’t build that‘ Warren, can’t even convince the low and no-information voters that we need the likes of her, Shaheen, or Marx, to build something the states can build and manage more efficiently on their own.

This is not much different than the Department of education, whose dis-assembly advocates like Jeanne Shaheen and Ann Kuster argue would end quality education in America,    This is exactly the opposite of the truth.  If the Department of Education did not exist 70 billion dollars a year would never leave the states in the first place, money that would find a need on its own, whether it was education, economic growth, public or private investment, savings, debt remediation, parks, bike-paths, roads or even bridges.

If the Federal gas tax didn’t exist, or the taxes stayed in the states, would surface transportation infrastructure be better or worse?  If votes speak louder than words, Shaheen is convinced they would be worse.

The Democrat assumption is that the best place to start once they’ve pilfered your pockets is that bureaucratic point which is furthest away and hardest to plumb.  This suggests but one conclusion.  Jeanne Shaheen, and Democrats in general,  do not trust you to do what they would do, which suggests that they are the last people you should give your money to because they clearly want to do that which you would not.

If that isn’t convincing enough, why–regardless  of how much of your money they spend, money they are keeping as far away from local control as possible–are they constantly coming back to you claiming it is still not enough?

The Federal highway transpiration fund is constantly being bailed out by congress, tens of billions spent on top of the ten of billions they pilfer from the states in gas taxes annually.

Isn’t it time we ask our federal elected officials why they don’t trust us?  Why don’t they think that we and our locally elected officials can do a better job attending to our local transportation needs at the local level; with the occasional necessary injection of federal money for legitimate interstate road projects, instead of sending all that money to DC so that we can then waste millions more every year engaging with the federal bureaucracy (and Jeanne Shaheen) just to try and get some of that back.

Washington’s transportation schemes are broken and wasteful.  Democrat Jeanne Shaheen thinks plundering our pockets for more money will fix that.  A better idea would be to leave most or all of that gas tax money in the states to begin with, but Shaheen is on the record opposing it.

Shaheen’s not interested in what is good for New hampshire, she is interested in what is good for Washington.


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