Renewable Energy Protesters Suffer Erectile Dysfuncion

Was AL gore near South DakotaEnvironmental protesters showed up outside the office of a Wisconsin power company (Madison Gas & Electric- MG&E) to protest the offense of energy made possible by cheap and abundant resources.  They were demanding that the power company mix in more wind and solar because keeping rates that low would disincentivize customers from considering more expensive green energy alternatives.

More expensive and…?

To make their point they brought an inflatable prop, meant to mimic a coal fired plant, sort-of, kind-of, whose air pump they claimed was powered with wind and solar.  Life, as it turns out, imitates life.  The batteries they brought – charged by wind power they claimed – were meant to be sustained by solar, which doesn’t work the way they would like in the real world either, not without back-up.

Reporter: The same protesters who opposed MG&E for not using more renewable energy admitted they would typically plug the fan into a gas powered generator, or into an outlet that would likely be powered by a reliable energy source like MG&E.

Protester 1: This is the first time we’ve ever done it this way.
Protester 2: We’d usually use generators or they’d hook it up to an electric outlet.

So according to the green energy protesters the answer to their actual real-world energy needs is…gas or coal.



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