Why We Need Adults In The NH House
(Or Send For Bill O’Brien!)

by Mike


Even with John Lynch in the corner office, a sensible conservative legislature was able to balance the budget and set aside a little surplus – see the O’Brien years above.

On the other hand, Maggie Hassan has blown through any reserves she inherited, and has encouraged her state agencies to request massive spending increases for 2015/16. We cannot allow her unfettered free reign over the budget process, or the state will be bankrupt and looking at income taxes as little as a year from now.

Death - Not the Worst of Evils!

Death – Not the Worst of Evils!

Regardless of the STARK prospects for a GOP takeover of the corner office, we have a golden opportunity to re-install Bill O’Brien as speaker, and bolster our Senate majority with some ACTUAL conservatives – if we can include a gain on the Executive Council as well, we have a good chance to get spending under control, and restore the NH Advantage.

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