Lesson #2 for Ed Mosca – Principles matter more than just a “win”

by Skip

Changing the Paradigm: not just for a “win” but as an extremely valuable part of Speech concerning one’s values

Winning is merely a precursor; it is what is done afterwards that is most important

How often, as we stroll through life, are we insistent that things be “just barely good enough” or are willing to settle for even less?  Do we step up to the shopkeeper’s counter and roundly demand “give me something that doesn’t rise to excellence – sorta ok is swell with me.  Oh, and spare no price in doing so”!  Hardly.  We do not willingly settle for that which does not perform up to the task – or breaks under pressure.

No, we expect things to work, function, or taste to high standards (and if one is very well off, that “spare no price” really comes into play).  No, we do demand and expect the best that we can. Our standards in our personal lives (for most people)  are that once having expended time, talent, and money, that what we obtain will actually do the job for which it is specified.  It should work well, wear well, or taste well.  We expect our relationships with friends and acquaintances be healthy and satisfying.

So why are we so willing to expect so little from expending that which is a most precious part of being a Citizen – our vote?  Why are we so willing to be swayed by mere political hacks (entities that mostly are rather lacking in functionality) that promise excellence even as past history shows otherwise?  Why are we so willing to go along, herd-like, in the histronics of “crowd control” (which to be rather crass, is exactly what the Party is now engaged in towards those of us who question their narrative)?

Why AREN’T we more willing to reach for AND demand excellence?  Why are we so willing to “settle” in this area of our lives when we are not in all the rest?

Count me in with others who are no longer willing to devalue their votes on those that are either not willing or unable to defend those values.  THEY (and the Party) should be seeking our vote on the same plane that all other vendors do in our lives, for make no mistake, they are certainly trying to sell us “stuff”.  And if they are selling, shouldn’t we only be “purchasing” excellence?

Stark and Langdon

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  • Van Mosher

    Because of “your principle” we might have to live with an
    Obama/Hillary rubber stamp for 6 more years and who knows how long after that. Perhaps in 2020 “your principle” could work
    harder to get a stronger small government liberty loving candidate to run for
    the GOP ticket. I just can’t stand to see
    what “your principle” will do to the country if Harry Reid and Barack Barack
    Obama maintain power. I am sorry for
    being so blunt but it had to be said.

    • granitegrok

      NH isn’t even in the top 10 races concerning “take back the Senate”. And NO ONE answers me when I ask about “well, Brown voted for the financial services version of Obamacare, didn’t he”? And his 62% voting record with the Dems. SO WHAT GOOD IS HE????? Even Romney says in a campaign ad that he “will buck his own Party” – great, just another RINO that will refuse to keep in mind good Conservative principles. This is what you want for a couple of terms? ANd what about his trying to move to THE LEFT OF SHAHEEN on killing babies? REmember when the Exec Council denied Planned Parenthood money? Shaheen swooped in with Fed Dollars to override that State level decision – and Brown has said that HE WILL MAKE SURE that PPNE gets the money it needs. So, is that respect State Sovereignty? Methinks he just wishes to be the next Federal Government Ambassador to the vassal State of NH. This is not a guy I want to be my SEnator. I don’t TRUST him AT ALL – so why would I vote for him? You expect and demand that I just join the “get along, go along, march in step” from orders from on high?
      Not happening.

      • Van Mosher

        So because we are not in the top 10 we have to suffer under Shaheen. who votes 99% of the time with the extremest? Not buying it. Real bad excuse. My solution is vote Brown in and if he continues to vote like a liberal flatlander he will be easier to defeat then Shaheen running for a 3rd term. That sure beats Shaheen the rubber stamp.

      • sb

        I disagree (very respectfully) that NH isn’t “in the top 10 races”. Every race is important. They all should be run and voted upon as though it was #1. Why? Because one can NOT guarantee than any race is in the bag. If any of the top 10 falls, #11 has to be ready to go and win. With election fraud, voter fraud, and now there are reports in Chicago of voting machines turning R votes into D votes, you have to vote like NH is the only race.

        That said, I really don’t know which is the right way to handle it. Both paths have merit but both paths have serious reality pitfalls.

  • Van Mosher

    Message to 1 issue or narrow focus voters. Just watch the contempt that Jeanne Shaheen has for you. At last night debate with Kuster, Kuster was just seething with contempt for teapartiers and anyone who opposed abortion for religious reasons.
    Your non vote assures that the person who holds the most contempt for you wins the election. That is kind of a poorly planned out solution.

  • Van Mosher

    The democrats get dead people to vote for them while narrow issue Republicans vote for dead people not even on the ballot. Which one has the better strategy?

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