Is This What Happens When Jeanne Shaheen Misses A Lot Of Meetings?

by Steve MacDonald

ChairInSpotlightMiss a few committee meetings, say something stupid in a debate.

Hot Air – Victory Lap on Chemical Weapons Shows ignorance

By the administration’s own admission, the Syrian regime misled the world and hid four chemical manufacturing facilities from international weapons inspectors. Declared or undeclared, Syria maintains its chemical weapons capability and a stockpile of unconventional munitions. As for ISIS, reports indicate that the Islamic State has gotten its hands on weapons of mass destruction, too, and the messianic militia is deploying them against Syrian Kurds.

And yet here we have Shaheen bragging about voting for military force–an action Harry Reid tabled along with everything else piled up on his desk–does a bizarre Red Line dance then adds how fortunate it is that ISIS does not have chemical weapons that it is reported to actually have.

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