Communist Party Mouth-piece Endorses Shaheen, Shea-Porter, And Kuster

by Steve MacDonald

A gallery of communist dictators, murderers of millions....

Also backed by the Communists….

Local NH Democrat Lucy Edwards is a contributor to People’s World, which is the latest incarnation of The Daily Worker–the American Communist Party paper of record.  They are not shy about the association, and proudly claim 99% (how cute) of their parentage from the Communist party newspaper.

Lucy, who is active with the NH Democrat party, organizer, agitator, and who has run for the NH House, is currently using senior issues to advocate the socialist agenda.  She is the president of the ‘NH Alliance for Retired Americans.’

The NH Alliance for Retired Americans is the local franchise propped up by the national Alliance for Retired Americans, which is run by Big Unions and Change to Win.  Their goal?

The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice…

Social and economic justice– as If Marx was here to say it himself.

Change to Win sprung up after the creation of the National Unity Partnership (A Union reform effort within the AFL-CIO) with plenty of leadership by SEIU Fuhrer Andy Stern, and alights with the manifold of far-left organizations like Democracy Alliance and their leftist billionaire backers; Peter Lewis (Progressive Insurance), George Soros (Currency Speculator), and so on.

The socialist pedigree is not in question, nor is the ‘Socialists organizing seniors movement’ endorsement of New Hampshire Democrat’s Jeanne Shaheen, Carol-Shea-Porter, and Ann Kuster.

The New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans has joined our national Alliance in endorsing Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and Congresswomen Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster for re-election this November

The NH Franchise, claiming as usual to be a non-partisan non-profit, is run entirely by Democrats, several of whom have run for office in NH; Lucy Edwards, Jane Lang, Jerry Conner,  Terry Lochhead, Sara Dustin, Larry Converse.  They are in on the failed Obama agenda, all community organizers with far-left associations, all using senior citizens issues to organize older Americans to agitate and advance the communist party agenda, which–not to be redundant–is also the New Hampshire Democrat Party agenda.

Despite the politically incestuous relationship, do not expect Senator Shaheen, or Congresspeople’s Kuster and Shea-Porter to issue any public press on this endorsement.  They’ll have private meetings with them (and call them public) but they’d rather you not know that a writer at the mouthpiece of the American Communist movement wants them to use the Federal Government to heap centrally planned socialism (communism) on New Hampshire.


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