CATO Fiscal Policy Report – Maggie Hassan Gets a ‘D’

MaggieCareOn a positive note, there were 11 states whose governors ranked worse than Maggie Hassan.

New Hampshire
Maggie Hassan, Democrat
Legislature: Divided
Grade: D
Took Office: January 2013

Governor Hassan’s tenure as New Hampshire governor is moving the state in the wrong fiscal direction. In 2013 she proposed a cigarette tax increase of 30 cents a pack, and the legislature agreed to a 10 cent hike.75 In 2014 she approved a gasoline tax increase of 4.2 cents per gallon.  State general fund spending increased an estimated 5.6 percent in 2014, and Hassan supported Medicaid expansion under the ACA.

There was no specific mention of lobbyist inspired vapor-revenue, or smoke and mirrors budget jujitsu, but we already knew Hassan was going to screw up the budget.  She’s a New Hampshire DemocratIt’s what they do.


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