Carol Shea-Porter – Another Empty Chair

3 empty chairs - Shaheen, Shea Porter and Kuster are missing
Have you seen?

From Guinta for Congress

MANCHESTER – This morning, Frank Guinta was with Jack Heath on WGIR, an event initially slated to be a debate between him and Congresswoman Shea-Porter. The Congresswoman declined to attend.

She has also failed to accept a debate invitation from New England College. Additionally, she has repeatedly refused to hold a public town hall meeting since the beginning of her term in 2013. Recently, the Congresswoman released a list of alleged public town halls that she held, including one that supposedly occurred in Hooksett.

Don Wintertown, a Town Councilor from Hooksett, released the following statement:

“As an elected Town Councilor in Hooksett I understand the importance of outreach and interaction with constituents. I am very disappointed in the representation from Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter that her tour of GE Aviation in Hooksett on June 13, 2014 is considered a town hall meeting. While it is important that the Congresswoman tour local business facilities, meet employees and discuss their issues, it is incorrect to call this a town hall meeting as it was a closed meeting at a private facility behind barbed wire fence and with security guards at all entrances for an event exclusively for screened employees. I have tried to work with the Congresswoman on a personal issue, and would have thought and expected to be notified of a town hall meeting both as a constituent and a Town Councilor. All my constituents deserve access to OPEN town hall meetings as does the entire First Congressional District.”

We know this is a deliberate party tactic, and it is very telling.  The risk of having to defend your record is so corrosive to electoral success that being reclusive is less dangerous politically.  That’s mighty sad.

And keep in mind that these Democrat women, Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, and Ann Kuster, have no intention of voting in a way that would make public appearances any less dangerous.  They don’t want to be held responsible by the voters because it might keep them from getting back to DC for more business as usual.  If ignoring or avoiding you will work, if hiding in their liberal ghettos and only peeking out their hidey holes for private or controlled events keep them in DC,  they’ll just keep doing that.

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