Ann Kuster’s Empty Chair

by Steve MacDonald

Hot Air

 As for ((Marilinda Garcia’s) opponent, Congresswoman Kuster hasn’t held a town hall meeting with her constituents since her 2012 victory; that’s over 600 days. In a region of the country where voters like–and expect–these events from their representatives, it’s rubbed some voters the wrong way. Local New Hampshire newspapers have published letters to the editor from voters venting about Rep. Kuster’s lack of constituent services.

I Like the photo with the empty chair.  I seem to remember suggesting that very thing a few weeks back.

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  • Radical Moderate

    Because Kuster has no defense for the indefensible.
    When that is the case its always better to say nothing all and just hold your breath until November and hope the public has a real short memory. The unfortunate thing is she is probably right on that point. She knows Marilinda would run intellectual circles around her on top of it all anyway. That probably was enough to give her a stomachache and stay home just by itself.

  • Van Mosher

    Empty head empty chair. Lets make November 4th Kuster’s last stand.

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