What To Do About Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile

Because this issue is so relevant I will be doing a series of stories about it – that would be the NH Secretary of State’s “interview” with the Manchester paper.

In the “interview,” which asked no relevant questions, Sec. of State Bill Gardner mentions that he himself saw an AmeriCorps team from out of state voting in New Hampshire in 2008.

From the interview:

“In 2012, Gardner filed an affidavit in a case challenging the state’s voter registration form. In it, he told how he witnessed fraud personally in 2008 when he went to vote.
“The people that ran the polling place called me over, and said they had three people who didn’t know whether they could vote, and they wanted me to answer the questions,” he explained in our interview. “So I go over, there were two young men and a young woman, and they were AmeriCorps (volunteers). ”

Big deal.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers caught a busload of 1996 AmeriCorps voters voting at a non-existent address on a non-existent road in a closed park in Deerfield . (Thank you Harriet Cady for copies of the original returned envelopes from your town.)

Our 1996, caught in 2000 when CNHT started documenting voter fraud, bus contained 19 low-life scumbag out of state vote thieves who I outed on www.NHInsider.com to the point several emailed and asked me to stop.

The next time the NH Secretary of State catches some out of state vote thieves I suggest he report them the only organization that will do something about it.

Just email what you have to www.CNHT.org or contact me directly.

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  • Radical Moderate

    What to do?
    We obviously don’t have the political numbers to force change YET and we can’t do it by physical force and if the Progressive Democrats and the AG don’t have a problem with it then that means its OK to engage in this type of voting tactic. This also means they can’t make a legal case out of anyone caught engaging in this tactic without making a case against themselves.
    That means there is only one logical way to neutralize the numbers their side gains using this type of tactic.
    Kind of reminds me of a story about a place I used to work at. We had one employee who was the bosses favorite who made a habit of leaving early on the busiest days. It bothered the rest to the point where we took strategic action. The rest of us just started leaving early on the same days as well. That lasted for about a two weeks before it caused the managers on the national level to notice something was wrong. It caused a lot of unwanted attention to be focused on our location which was very bad for our boss as well as the outside businesses that interacted with him. That type of negative attention is never good for anyone. Even the media focused on it for a while which caused even more attention to be paid. Very bad…tsk..tsk..tsk.
    The boss immediately stopped EVERYONE from leaving early, including his favorite employee.
    It never happened again after that.

    • Ed Naile

      One thing we do have is the facts!
      Fact: Democrats don’t want to talk about, deny, hint, or mention voter fraud before this election.
      Fact: Non-resident voters vote here in NH in LARGE numbers – way beyond what it takes to change elections.
      Fact: It is illegal.
      Fact: Voters who live in NH are catching on – the secretary of state’s timley “interview” with no questions exposes that.

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  • kervick

    If you can shake loose this Wednesday at 3 let me know.

    • granitegrok

      I can try!

      – Skip

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