This was seen multiple times at the NH GOP Annual Meeting : Stark and Langdon

by Skip

Stark and Langdon

I think it speaks for itself if some of the most active Republicans in NH were wearing it. Starting to see it some other places as well.  Is a message being sent?

Does look like that Patriot is mad over something….

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  • Radical Moderate

    I doubt the message is being sent. Firstly, the NH Establishment Republicans would have to understand that there is more to ‘making a buck’ than meets the eye. Secondly they would have to buck the system, and capitalists rarely do that. That’s why I was hoping Hemingway would win. He exhibited the ability to think outside the box. Those are the type of capitalists that can save our country. They understand that capitalism is can be used as a ‘strategy’ to protect our country and not just an end unto itself. Consequently that’s what the Globalists are doing as well, using Capitalism as a strategy to achieve the desired end goal.
    Though I fully understand that the only way a sincere capitalist can make money these days is by working with the Government (Progressives) in public/private partnerships, I doubt they understand that they are working towards their own demise in the end. They really do seem to think this is a road, like any other road they have traveled in the past. They fail to look at the entirety of the situation in the context of history. They fail to look at what transpired nationally and globally in the last eighty years and watched how it progressed to where we are today. They just don’t get the concept that this time the game that’s being played is for all the marbles. That’s why I call these particular types of capitalists ‘dollar chasers’. They would literally chase that last floating dollar even if it took them over a cliff.

    Once again, if anyone of them is reading this, listen carefully and think about what I am saying…..There is something more to making a buck than meets they eye.

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