Notable Quote: Are Human Beings Assets or Liabilities?

by Steve MacDonald

We’ve covered Justice Ginsberg’s progressive/eugenics language before but it’s back and this is good stuff right here…

There are two ways to account for humans beings: as assets, or as liabilities. For those who see the world the way Justice Ginsburg does — which is also the way Barack Obama does, along with most of his party — human beings are a liability. That is why they fundamentally misunderstand challenges such as employment; if you see people as a liability, then you see labor in terms of “creating jobs,” i.e. neutralizing that liability with a check every two weeks. It does not matter whether that labor produces anything valuable; if the liability is being met with a sufficient paycheck, problem solved. It should go without saying that Barack Obama et al. do not see themselves as liabilities. They see themselves as assets, which is how left-wing activists and Democratic functionaries justify their own enormous paychecks.

Kevin Williamson

c/o Red State

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  • balencesto

    Great question! And In my opinion, I’d say sometimes they’re the former, sometimes the latter. And I don’t see how anyone can convince me otherwise. I certainly would never believe that they’re always a liability. Then again, you’re gonna have a hard time convincing me that they’re always an asset.

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  • Tim from Nashua

    Which party caters to/ subsidizes the ‘liabilities’ Ms. Ginsburg?
    Assets = Those pulling the cart . . . . Liabilities = Those riding in the cart
    Ms. Ginsburg ( Ideologically attached to the hip of Jeanne Shaheen ) is willing to kill potential assets in order to get rid of those darn liabilities. Was she a Margaret Sanger Award Winner, like Jeanne Shaheen?

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