Instead of a Lockdown of the Day™

by Steve MacDonald

AmmoOh No, Ammo!

Instead of a Lockdown of the Day™, a good story. Some ammunition fell out of the jacket pocket of an upperclassman at Oyster River High School in Durham, New Hampshire on Thursday, and in a increasingly vanishingly rare moment of sanity, nobody freaked out, and the student is not being expelled or banished to an alternative school. The student had been at a firing range with his father Wednesday night, and Thursday morning some forgotten ammo fell from his jacket pocket and onto the floor. The school resource officer and the local police were called in, but they quickly determined that there was no ill intent by the student. Deputy Chief Rene Kelley said no charges would be brought, and Superintendent Dr. James Morse said that although it was against policy to bring ammunition to school, given the nature of this case, the student would not face severe punishment. “It was truly just an accident,” said Morse.

It is nice to see common sense but what it “not severe punishment,” I wonder?

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