Guest Post – Marilinda Garcia

by Granite Grok

As a new-generation conservative, I am running to keep New Hampshire independent and roll back the radical transformation of America caused by President Obama and liberals like Ann Kuster.

My plan includes reducing the size and cost of the federal government, and restoring constitutionally limited government that puts more power in the hands of the people and less in Washington, DC. I know we need to eliminate harmful government red-tape and regulations that creates good-paying jobs and grow our economy.

My common-sense proposal for solving our immigration issues has been endorsed by leading conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA). It includes sealing and securing our border and ensuring there is no amnesty for illegal immigrants. Even border state governor, Rick Perry (R-TX), said we are “100 percent in-sync on border security.”

I’m also fighting to dismantle Obamacare and replace it with bottom-up reforms that allow individuals and families to take control of their own health care.

As the strongest conservative candidate in New Hampshire’s 2nd District, I ask for your vote and your support. I know that by voting for any other candidate in this race, you are only helping my primary opponent, and increasing the odds that Ann Kuster will continue to burden the Granite State with higher taxes and Big Government.

I hope you support me in my push for ‘opportunity for all’ and vote for me in the GOP primary today.

Thank you,

Marilinda Garcia

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  • Eunice Ang

    Garcia is for pathway for citizenship for 11 millions of illegals. She said that in the last wmur debate. I voted for Lawrence because I oppose amnesty and pathway for citizenship for 11 million illegals. Their pathway should be for deportation.

    • balencesto

      And, just like Lawrence and Lambert – and as Ms. Garcia so eloquently pointed out in the WMUR debate – you obviously don’t know that there’s a difference between “pathway to citizenship” and “amnesty.” Just like you obviously don’t know that there’s a difference between “citizenship” and “legal status.”

      It was Ms. Garcia’s nuanced, detailed and just plain smart answers to the questions posed to her during the debate that won me over. She made the other two candidates look, well, let me put this nicely . . . “less than knowledgeable” on the issues.

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