Part 2: Where my friend gets a Bible quote wrong: Suffer the little children to come

by Skip

Well, there’s more from my friend (and indeed, he is exactly that) concerning Christian compassion, the illegal kid invasion, and Government “caring” and Suffer the little children quote from Matthew 19  (emphasis mine):

yeah – we’re gonna agree to disagree on this.  Either feed’m and send them home, or feed’m and send them to their relatives.  Putting them in a holding cell for further processing, and waiting for them to be old enough to vote – ain’t gonna work.

My response:

Not matter what, we feed them – on this we agree.

IF they have followed our laws (at which, they would not be crossing our borders in the manner they are doing), they should go to those relatives IF those relatives themselves are legally here – on this we agree.

The law is clear – follow our rules, follow our laws.  Else, you are here illegally.  In that case –  feed’m and send them home.  If one truly believes that our nation’s morality is based on The Rule of Law, that is the Consequence to their bad decision (regardless of how it was arrived at) and action after that decision.  Really, you don’t agree on this?

And The Rule of Law states that if those relatives are also here illegally, they should be sent home as well.  You don’t agree on this?

<redacted>, I don’t think ANYone is saying to keep them in a holding cell until they are old enough to vote – I have NO idea where you are coming up with that!  So no, we do not agree on this.  I also have to question your statement as well – simply coming of age would not give any illegal immigrant voting rights.  Or do we disagree on this?

I do believe that if illegally caught crossing the border, they should be immediately turned away.  If they do make it to “our shores”, then they should be held until their case is adjudicated – stats are already showing that up to 90% of these folks that have been given their hearing notices are not bothering to show up – de facto amnesty.    Can we agree on this?

Tell me – in your mind, who is responsible for this mess that has exploded upon us this last year (from 6K to 60K and estimated to 150K next year)?

Note: my grandparents came in through Ellis Island the legal way – they wanted not just to live in America, they wanted to BE Americans, through and through – they embraced The Rule of Law.  Why should these folks be able to do things differently?

– Skip

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