Budget Writers Did Not Anticipate…

NHGOP WoodshedBudget writers did not anticipate…human nature, actually.  They never do.   The Democrat parties top-down, centrally-planned utopia completely ignores human nature, which is why Conservatives get so aggravated with Democrats and then Republicans who play along (whether they have bought in or given up).

From Skip’s post last night on unexpected budget issues relating to Medicare expansion…

Thank you, Rogue Republicans:

Budget writers did not anticipate that so many people would be added to Medicaid and that is one of the problems facing the department in trying to live within its budget this fiscal year.

Budget writers did not anticipate it, but Bloggers did.  We anticipated it dozens of times, in many thousands of words.

Wayne Mac Donald, the previous NHGOP Chair, once said “People who blog are those that are ruining the (Republican) party.”

I’m going to have to go with “Establishment Republicans are helping Democrats ruin New Hampshire.”

“Budget writers” agree, and sadly, this is just the beginning of a long line of things we will have warned you about that you ignored.

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