Walt Havenstein Reveals A Little More Of Himself – 2010 Speech

by Mike

Particularly interesting to me:

  • Being brought up in Bethesda, MD, and bragging about deep roots and many family members with connections to Maryland and UMD.
  • Saying that BAE is a great COMPANY, but SAIC has great PEOPLE – how’s that make his fans at BAE feel?
  • BabyTroll-HThe way he used the Democrat troll slur for the TEA Party – TEA-Baggers – with a knowing smirk, while claiming to be out of touch – the reference to the recent election makes it clear that he knew the TEA Party had made a major impact, so “out of touch” won’t wash.

If Havenstein is the Reagan Conservative he claims to be, then he must know that the same conservative grassroots which elected Reagan, after being dissed by the Establishment over both Goldwater and Reagan, are in fact today’s TEA Party – how does he hope to win after disparaging them?

SmithBusinessNotes: This video is two, otherwise uncut, sections from a 71 minute, rather boring, speech at the Smith School of Business. You can get the whole thing from iTunes University.

Footnote: Dear Walt, Most Brits do not regard the Royal Family as an imposition, in spite of the best efforts of misguided socialists (are you one?) to convince us otherwise.

The Royal Family is cash-flow positive for the nation in terms of tourism vs cost, do not impose their will on the people, but DO offer a final backstop for bad laws: The Monarch can refuse assent (IE pocket veto) for a bill which s/he considers particularly egregious, and which has somehow got through both houses of Parliament.

Progressives/Socialists in the UK would love to remove that protection and the protection of the House of Lords, and have simple majority mob rule – just as the National Socialists did in 1930s Germany, and progressives seek to do here today.

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  • Radical Moderate

    The unfortunate truth is that the GOP must die before we can ever be free. They are very much like an abusive husband.They have made it clear they want us to shut our mouths and sit there and shut up or we’re gonna get a good punch in the mouth like we saw with Chris McDaniel. I say lets ‘burn the bed!’ We have nothing to lose at this point. The GOP will be dead with nearly a whimper with the stroke of a pen when amnesty seals their fate. Let it die and push these RINO’s into the daylight and force them to declare themselves Democrats which is where they would rather be anyway. Because that’s where the money is these days, right fellas? Political parties are so 20th century anyway.
    As I have been saying repeatedly, they would rather have a Progressive win than an outside of the establishment republican. This is not a game to them or even political competitiveness. They have too much too lose and they will not allow the boat to be rocked. They are dead serious about their plans to reshape the world in conjunction with the Progressives.
    But there is one consolation. The bloated corporate rich guys that fancy themselves such good friends of the Global movers & shakers will lose in the end. After they have out lived their usefulness in constructing the new Global infrastructure they will eventually be used by the Progressives as fodder in order to feed the anti-capitalist fervor of the new proletariat masses that they are importing as we speak. Meanwhile the small circle of Global oligarchs sit back and laugh at the demise of these ‘dollar chasers’ and revel in their own genius that there are things much more valuable than money.
    What has always amazed me is the fact that these type of men, the corporate capitalist fat cats, have such brilliant minds for business and corporate strategy. But when it comes to analyzing the big picture they are constantly blindsided by the short term goal of wealth and power. They just can’t see they are being played by those above them. They simply cant see what the Global oligarchs can see.
    That there are things much more valuable than money or political power.
    Such a shame.

    • Come and be interviewed at the CNHT picnic.

      • Hmmmm… the week long PorkFest “picnic” was probably a better place to win friends and influence people.( I was not an observer this year) Granted, THOSE folks tend to be a tough, independent crowd. Temporarily in the same bivouac, but all wearing slightly different “uniforms” (if any).

        • Agree that PorcFest is THE place for Libertarians and hard-core conservatives, and we at GraniteGrok know quite a few of them – even interview them from time to time.
          However, the CNHT picnic this weekend was a good chance for Walt to mingle with the people, instead of having his staff circulate and make excuses for him, and then protect him from the public until he delivered his lackluster speech. (and then left)
          If this good old CEO is such a man of the people, and so good at mingling with the staff, why not demonstrate that with the grassroots?
          But at least he came, unlike Scott Brown, who doesn’t dare get into such events where he might be exposed to questions.

    • What I say about these Progressives in Republican clothing, is that they don’t seem to understand, that when the New Progressive World Order arrives, the cannot ALL be apparatchiks – those who don’t get shipped off to the gulags as too dangerous to keep around, will live a live of splendidly miserable equality – Nasty Brutish and Short – like the rest of the plebes.

      This is not a corporate power game – this is much more serious. It is, Dear Walt, an existential battle for the survival of the REPUBLIC, not just any old democracy.

      • Oooo, what part of (para) “When we can’t depend on our neighbors to step up and do the right thing…etc.” (as opposed to electing the New Progressive World Order take care of it, via. the treasure of the 50% of the unwilling taxable) was confusing?
        Let’s go to the Sam Adams clip. “If ye love wealth…)

        • I agree that was a good statement, and I didn’t criticize it.
          I feel we are perilously close to the point where people of good conscience are not willing to stand for office, and only those seeking a lifetime of payoffs are running.
          NO, I don’t put Havenstein in that category – I do think he is running to serve, but I’m not sure that he understands how to reach the conservatives that he claims to be one of.

  • Footnote: Dear Mike, Most educated Americans do regard the old Royal Family (his name was George) as an imposition, in spite of the best efforts of misguided “new” public teachers (are you one?) to convince us otherwise.

    In fact, there’s even a “bullet point” list that the citizens fortunate enough to have been born here, used to be edumacated about in elementary school. Happy Fourth of July to all by the way.

    Let’s see, utter slight, (from 4 year old nomenclature “popular” amongst WHO?, And who is this mocking with feigned “gosh, I’m out of touch” snark ) and then goes on to promote what many (Gosh I have yet to see an official Tea Party roster-fairly diverse group) have been striving for.
    Who, exactly, was it that got to insert their “pre-interpretation” of what words mean, and imply what “we” all should think, , in the scripted overlays of this video?

    • The Royal Family of the 18th Century WAS an imposition on the Colonies, and they rightfully threw off the yoke of King George III.
      My point is that the Royal family of the past two centuries or so has NOT been an imposition on the Brits, but rather a last constitutional backstop, and, by the way, a far better means of extracting funds from Americans than ole’ George III could ever have imagined – through willing expenditures on tourism!
      I am British – see Bio.
      I would never want to impose any kind of distant and tyrannical rule upon America, especially the sort proposed by progressives in DC

    • At the time of this video, the left had widely adopted Tea-Bagger as a slur, and they, of all people were likely to know what it meant.
      The most innocent interpretation is that Havenstein thought he was being a wise-guy, and the simplest way out is to say “I had no idea what it meant, and I apologize to members of the TEA Party for the unintended slight”
      What we see is that he doesn’t think there’s any need to mend fences, and even a fellow service member could not extract any kind of apology from him in a 1 on 1 encounter (See Dennis Hamel).

  • Adam Samuels

    God, all I see if JOHN MCCAIN when I watch this video…

  • Adam Samuels

    And. Walt, we don’t live in a “Democracy”, you coot – we live in a “Constitutional Republic”, based on Democratic principles. It drives me crazy how many so-called Republicans who run for office don’t even know this…or understand the differences between the two.

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