It’s Time To Neuter The Firefox – Fascists!

by Mike

While repairing Mar-Mar’s computer after a supposedly friendly utility went rogue, I needed to re-install the non-Microsoft browsers.

Forward - to Fascism!

Forward – to Fascism!

I started typing in “firefox”, then thought better of it and checked their home page carefully – Hold the phone! “Please sign our Net Neutrality Petition”

First they fire the CEO under pressure from the Gaystapo, now they want to regulate the whole Internet – buffoons! I won’t be back, and I encourage our readers to look elsewhere, too. Before leaving Mozilla’s site, however, I left behind a few choice thoughts:

You fired an executive for his personal beliefs, although he made no attempt to link them to his work.

Worse, you are siding with Robert McChesney and his fellow communists at the laughably named Free Press, in a misguided effort to stifle Internet innovation by limiting investment.

Why would a limousine liberal use a limo at a higher price than a cab? To get to the other side of town, of course! NO – Actually, because the limo offers a premium service over a cab.
Firefox Fail
If network providers offer better bandwidth for a price, content providers will pay for the network enhancements that will benefit us all.
Only F*cking Communists believe that the pie is a fixed size and everyone should get the same miserable slice.

Essentially, Network Neutrality wants to ban the possibility of content providers paying for premium bandwidth to their customers, on the mistaken (communist) notion that the available bandwidth is fixed, and if somebody else’s share goes up, yours will go down.

Simply put, if you took out a premium subscription to, say, NetFlix, and they paid Comcast to increase the speed and smoothness of your streamed movies, They’d benefit, you’d benefit, Comcast would benefit, and they’d build out more bandwidth – then everybody else would benefit. That’s Capitalism!

KerpenPhil Kerpen, a leading free-market advocate, has the whole story over at, but here’s the pull quote about McChesney and his ‘Free Press’:

The founder of Free Press, Robert McChesney, once let the truth slip in an interview with a Canadian website called SocialistProject:

“At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”



Well, good luck with that. Serious people should understand who the angry neutrality nuts are and what they want – and then do exactly the opposite.

And thus, I avoid Mozilla and Firefox like the plague – beware of Google, too, for they have similar inclinations.

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Other than neutralizing Chrome w/ E10S & Shumway, were I Mozilla CEO I’d differentiate hard on every front Google can’t starting w/ privacy.

Instead of making Firefox the go-to browser for privacy advocates, Mozilla has shown that nobody has any expectation of privacy around them! Fools!

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