Something tells me that Scott Brown “isn’t all that” in claiming the “Anti-Shaheen” crown

Steve alerted me this morning that Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air had linked us up on the Karen Testerman announcement that she was dropping out of the race for the NH GOP nomination for US Senate here in New Hampshire AND was endorsing former US Senator Bob Smith.  What caught my attention was a graph that Jazz had put up on data before the announcement:

NH US Senate PollJazz had this to say:

Testerman was getting roughly 18 percent support – not inconsiderable in a four way race. Obviously she can’t force her supporters to go in any particular direction, but if her endorsement carries any weight with them, a fair number of those primary voters may indeed go over to Bob Smith. For his part, Smith was already nearly within the margins for going head to head against Shaheen – down by roughly six – and any significant bump from former Testerman voters could easily put him in the lead.

Note that Jazz does the comparison against Jeanne Shaheen.  What is more important, I believe, is that Bob Smith is ALREADY within the margin of error with Scott Brown: 3.2%.  I hardly think this bolsters, in ANY form, Scott Brown’s claim that only HE can defeat Jeanne Shaheen. 

I know I keep saying it but Scott Brown voted with Democrats in the US Senate 22%, 46%, and then 62% of the time his first, second, and third years in the US Senate.  He rails against Jeanne Shaheen’s 99% voting record with Obama – dude, your last year isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of being much better.

Elections should be about stark differences – and it is clear that Scott Brown’s strategy is to simply put a stick in the mud, swirl it around, and hope that no one can see through it to see the non-differences.  Instead of being “Shaheen-lite“, I believe that Conservatives should be making campaigning points on what should be stark differences between governance models (the Dem model of “all your cheezburger are belong to us” and the Republican one: “Your way baby – we’re staying out of the way“).

Unless he has changed his stump speech narrative, it is still “all about personal me – oh woe is me for having a hard early life” (join the club, Scott – you’re far from the only one who had one, trust me).  And unless he has changed that stump speech, about the only part of his record he speaks about in the positive is his vote against Obamacare.  Lots of his other record is having to defend it (and then deflects from it).  Nothing substantial on the issues or solid policy presentations (“This is what I will do (other than reach across the aisle – more)).

Unlike Brown,  Karen, Jim, and Bob have visited with GraniteGrok to debate the issues and their stances – nothing to hide.  Open and transparent – we are getting to know them in the retail sense of politics that NH is known for – and demands.  Methinks THAT is the reason that the poll numbers for Scott Brown aren’t the heavenly high he would have us believe.

by Skip

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