Sigh….Really, the NH GOP used the word “hypocritical” over Medicaid Expansion?

by Skip

I listened to WMUR at 6 today as they ran a spot on Maggie’s filing for re-election for NH Governor.  What I heard for being “hypocritical” was her taking credit for implementing Medicaid Expansion and the gas tax.  Absolutely WRONG – she had nothing to do with it.  There is no way she ehould be taking credit for it.  Or any other Democrat either.

Republicans are responsible for them.  Specifically NH State Senator Chuck Morse, NH State Senator Jeb Bradley, NH State Senator Nancy Stiles, and NH State Senator Odell, who did the heavy lifting for this Democrat issue.  And yes, NH State Senator Rausch did the lifting for raising the gas tax.  Both items are contra the NH GOP Platform.  Which is why this email missive is so exasperating.  Consistency, this ain’t:

NH GOP Victory Starts Now Logo

For Immediate Release: June 12, 2014
Contact: Lauren Zelt, (603) 225-9341


Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan filing for re-election:

“Maggie Hassan’s reckless and hypocritical tenure as governor negates her campaign promises of fiscal responsibility.  She ignores emergency policies in place, because of her blind pursuit of a big-government agenda, by taking Democrat lobbyists on a taxpayer-funded vacation to pay them back for raising campaign cash for her with Vice President Biden.  Hassan openly embraces ObamaCare…

Consistency breeds Trust which yields Votes.  I would love to see a Republican in the corner office, but if an NH GOP press release can’t even be Consistent with current events (or which is probably more true, a complete denial via simple political stupidity).

This is a prime example of what drives the base so nuts – a declaration of “our s*** don’t stink but boy, the other Party’s does” when it is so obvious that you BOTH are doing the same thing.

Junior Partners of the Democrat Party

Least Lackeys of the Welfare State

Just because Republicans might be able to manage it better STILL doesn’t make it a good thing to do in the first place.  But that’s what Party Leaderships wants us to believe.  I guess they all have to be Cantorized to figure this lesson out.

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  • Radical Moderate

    In my opinion, they should be embarrassed for issuing such a amateurish press release, but they won’t be. They won’t because as long as that small Establishment circle is in charge of the NH GOP agenda no one else that has the guts to tip over the apple cart and lead the party to victory will ever be allowed to reach the podium. Until then the NH GOP is only a token party. They don’t care if they win or lose because this small circle at the top still make money even if the Progressive Democrats are in power. I believe they don’t want victory because it means they would actually have to follow through with the Republican platform, which would mean the money flow to NH for Progressive projects stops flowing,
    Sorry, for the tough love here, but the NH GOP needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves what is really important. If the dollar would collapse tomorrow, would it all have been worth it? What lasting change have the Republicans built in New Hampshire? I don’t mean ‘built’ as in the expansion of 93 or a business hub, but what have the Republicans contributed to building the type of NH citizen that stands in direct contrast to the type of citizen the NH Progressives offer? What have NH Republicans done to assist in ‘building’ a healthy attitude in its citizens for their state government? What have our states Republicans done to make the working class NH citizen feel ‘good’ about their state government, like their government is a friend and not among those throwing rocks at him?
    In the end, when the dollar collapses, we will all have to go through the hard times together as a state. What ‘type’ of NH citizen do you think will have the best mental attitude to assist our elected representatives to ‘rebuild’ and support new economic system based on free market capitalism?

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